Darktable: Modules to Avoid

With the Darktable 3.x serie and continued with the Darktable 4.x serie, the developers have introduced a whole bunch of new concepts, including: scene referred processing display referred processing LAB space vs Linear RGB processing All these things have implications about which module to use or not.

Raw and Colour Space

Almost all dSLRs and mirrorless cameras (except some of the really, really old dSLRs from the early 2000) provide two colour spaces, the ubiquitous sRGB (standard RGB)1 and aRGB (adobe RGB)2.

The Upside of Selfies

In 2014, InfoTrends predicted that that people will upload 1 trillion photos in 2015. That’s one thousand billion photos with 80% uploaded to Facebook and the other 20% to the rest of what used to be called the Information Superhighway.