This Lens is Soft

Canon Rumors in conjunction with Lens Rentals have written a long article on: Why is this lens soft? Lens Rental, like their name says, rent lenses for Canon, Nikon… They have a fairly high traffic and a big turnover on both cameras and lens.
Blurry Photos

Blurry Photos

I spoke to this lady after she took her ‘blurry’ photos. She was very unhappy with her Canon camera and she was talking about switching to Nikon.

Fujifilm cameras and the Auto-ISO

Digital cameras have changed photography. In the “good old days” you bought a film: either black and white, with an ASA (ASA begat DIN which begat ISO) of 125 or of 400 or a color film with a specific sensitivity with an ASA rating of 50 like the Fuji Velvia 50 or Kodachrome 64… And that was it.

Texture vs. Clarity vs. Dehaze

Nowadays, in 2024, almost all raw processing software, from Lightroom to Darktable passing through Luminar and Capture One, support these three functions: texture clarity dehaze They kind of do similar things but they have different effects and different purposes.

Fujifilm & the Image Numbering

The Fujifilm cameras numbering is: The folder: The folders are numbered and start at 100, then it’s 101, followed by 102… The frame number: Each folder can have up to 9999 images Reformatting or changing the SD memory card may not reset the frame numbers.