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Fujifilm: The Magic of OIS

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Variable Zoom

Instagram and Black and White Hashtags

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Simple Video Settings

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Display Shutter Speed & ISO

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Sensor Cleaning

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Firmware Updates

Fujifilm: Quick Operations

The New Nikon Z6 & Z7

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Optical Image Stabilization

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Memory Cards Myth

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Where are the blinkies gone?

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Flash & TTL

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Select the Size of the Focusing Area

File Resolution

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Focus Points

Fujifilm X-PRO2 & the Electronic Shutter

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Auto-ISO

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Hot Pixels

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Standby Mode

Fujifilm X-PRO2: 3rd Party Batteries

Fujifilm X-PRO2: AF Hunting

Fujifilm: Manual Focus & Focus Peaking

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Godox Flash Firmware

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Slow AF when using the ERF

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Aperture Rear Dial

Fujifilm: Metadata

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Faster Operations

Fujifilm X-PRO2: How to Reset the AF Position

Fujifilm X-PRO2: WYSIWYG or the EVF

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Joystick

Fujifilm: Firmware Update: 30-Nov-2017

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Voice Memos

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Screen Setup: round 2

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Screen Setup: round 1

Fujifilm & the Image Numbering

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Auto Power Save

Fujifilm: Lens Modulation Optimizer

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Viewing in the Dark

Fujifilm X-PRO2: The Battery Charger

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Tips (continued from shortcuts)

Fujifilm: When Was Your Camera Manufactured?

Fujifilm X-PRO2: the Electronic Range Finder

Godox Canon flash & Fujifilm TTL

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Godox TT350F & the Fujifilm TTL

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Wireless

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Indicator Lamp

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Missing Histogram

Fujifilm X-PRO2: HSS, TTL & Godox TT350F

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Dynamic Range Settings

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Shortcuts (continued)

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Rear Dial

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Shortcuts

Fujifilm X-PRO2: AF + MF

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Program Shift Mode

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Card Slot Options

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Gridlines

Fujifilm X-PRO2: AF Box Size

Debunking Unit: APS-C and the equivalency hoax

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Slot #2

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Metering Modes Not Changing

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Display Function Buttons

Fujifilm X-PRO2 & the ERF

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Flash Not Working

Fujifilm X-PRO2: ISO High and Low

Fujifilm X-PRO2: New Firmware v:3.0/3.1

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Battery Status

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Electronic Range Finder

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Focus Check

Fujifilm X-PRO2: PDAF

Fujifilm X-PRO2: AF Priority

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Memory Cards Speed

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Improve the Autofocus

Fujifilm X-PRO2: PRE-AF

Fujifilm X-PRO2: AF & the Electronic Shutter

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Face Detection

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Hyperfocal

Fujifilm X-PRO2: Easy Access to Format Menu

Fujifilm X-PRO2: My Settings for the function buttons

Fujifilm X-PRO2: BBF, aka the Back Button Focus

Fujifilm X-PRO2: ISO & the DR

Most Stolen Cameras of 2015

Raw and Colour Space

Why Are My Colors Flat?

Canon: The Right Way of Metering

The Camera Check: The Evening Before

The Canon Timers

Color Space and Your Camera

Life and Death of Batteries: Cameras

How Tough is Your Camera?

Lens Acronyms

Canon 7D: Selecting the AF Point

Overpriced Items That I Can’t Live Without

Another Twist on Canon vs Nikon

Canon 7D: Focusing Modes: Why & When

Cleaning Your Lenses

Canon: White Balance

How To Clean The LCD

Canon Flash: EC vs FEC

Canon: Camera Error Codes

Canon 7D: Lens Peripheral Illumination Correction

Canon 7D: The Dioptre Adjustment

Canon 7D: AE Lock

Canon 7DMk2: How The Auto Lighting Optimizer Work

Canon 1Dx vs Nikon D4

Packing List

Canon: Trust The Force, Luke

Canon 7D: Battery Life Again — Why?

Canon 7D: Pressing the Shutter and Evaluative Metering

Canon 7DMk2: Changing the Focus Mode

Canon 7D: The Secret of the Zone AF Focus

The Canon 1Dx: I Was Right!

The Canon 1Dx — the Bird Photography Point of View

Canon 60D vs Nikon D7000 vs Canon 7D

Canon 7D: Turning the Camera On & Off

Canon 7D: Custom Functions

Canon 7D: Evaluative Metering

Canon 7D: Focus Display

Canon: One Banana

Canon 7D: Which Focus Mode to Use?

Canon 7D: AI Servo Tracking Sensitivity

Canon 7D: Automatic 19 Points Select Focus Point

Canon: The White Balance

Canon 7D: White Balance

Canon 7D: Zone AF Point Selection

Canon 7D: AF Point Expansion

Canon 7DMk2: AWB Automatic White Balance

Canon 7D: Single Point AF

Canon 7D: Spot AF

External Flash Meter

Canon 580EX II Flash Failures

Canon 7D: Camera User Settings — C1 C2 C3

Canon 7D: Orientation Linked AF Point

Canon 7D: C.Fn III - 1 AI Servo Tracking Sensitivity

Canon 7D: Format v. Frame Rate

Canon 7D: AE Lock

Canon 7D: C.Fn I - 7 — Flash Sync Speed in Av Mode

Canon: Quick Guide to Accurate EOS Autofocus

Some of the Secrets from the Flash World

Canon 7D: Quick AF Selection

Interesting Video on Auto-Focus

Canon: Number Of Flashes 580EXII Before Thermal Shutdown

Canon 7D: ISO vs. Noise Test

Canon: Flash Exposure Compensation

Canon: Flash Guide Numbers

Canon: JPEG Compression & Size

Canon: Image Stabilization

Non Canon Flash Not Working

Canon 7D: Reducing Dust

Canon 7D: Exposure Lock Not Working

Canon 7D: Remote Wireless Flash

Canon: How To Change The Battery

Third Party Lenses

Filters & Microadjustments

The Fallacy of the Histogram

Preparing a New Battery

Formatting Memory Cards: The Debunking Unit

Canon: Evaluative Metering and One-Shot Af Mode

Delete or Format The Flash Card?

Canon 7D: How Many Autofocus Modes?

Canon: AF OFF AutoFocus Off

Canon 7D: The LCD Is Too Good

Canon 7D: Problem Focusing With Spot AF

Canon 7D: No Autofocus! Dead! Kaput

Canon 7D: Auto Focus Points

Canon 7D: Zone Auto Focus, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Slow Canon 7D

Which Camera To Buy - Part 3

Which Camera To Buy - Part 2

Which Camera To Buy - Part 1

Canon 7D: Sharpening In The Camera

Canon 7D: Missing AF Point on Display

Canon 7D vs. Nikon D300s: Which is The Best?

Canon 7D and Noise

Canon 7D: Spot AF Mode

Canon 7D: Flash & Shutter Speed

Canon 7D: Long Exposure Noise Reduction

Canon 7D: sRGB vs Adobe RGB (1998)

Canon 7D: Evaluative Metering vs Center-Weighted Average Metering

Canon: 70-200/4IS lens hood frustration

Canon 7D: How Do You Know If You Have The Highlight Tone Priority On?

Canon 7D: Focusing Modes

Canon 7D: High ISO Noise Reduction

Canon 7D: Beep, Beep

Canon Firmware Upgrade

Canon: Daylight Saving Time

Canon 7D: Auto-ISO Flash Setting

Flash: Factors In Controlling Exposure

Flash: Factors In Controlling Exposure

Canon 7D: FEC: Flash Exposure Compensation

Canon 7D: Flash: Auto Focus Assist Light

Canon 7D: Fill-in Flash and Program Mode

Canon E-TTL II Flash Metering

HD Video & Card Speed Debunking Unit

Play With Me: Vancouver, BC

A Black Poodle Passing By: Vancouver, BC

Jail Bird: Vancouver, BC

Tethered: Vancouver, BC

Yapper: Vancouver, BC

Want to Look: Vancouver, BC

Sticking The Tongue Out: Vancouver, BC

Catching The Hol-ee Ball: Vancouver, BC

Running Golden Retriever: West Vancouver, BC

Avoiding the Waves: Vancouver, BC

The Dog Days of Summer: Vancouver, BC

The Lunch Break: Vancouver, BC

Mr Mischief: Vancouver, BC

Pedro, the Rescue: Vancouver, BC

Pedro the Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua: Vancouver, BC

The Crew: Vancouver, BC

The Ambush: West Vancouver, BC

Cycling with a Pitbull: Vancouver — Seawall

Puzzled: Vancouver, BC

Afraid of the Camera: Vancouver, BC

Maddie on Things

Frankie, the Dachshund — Vancouver, BC

The Red Booties: Vancouver, BC

Release the Hounds: West Vancouver, BC

Prancing Around: Ambleside Park — West Vancouver, BC

Grin for the Camera: Vancouver, BC

Peace on Earth: Vancouver, BC

Guarding the Car: Vancouver, BC

The Wisdom of Dogs: West Vancouver, BC

Chihuahua With Attitude: Vancouver, BC

This is My Ball — Vancouver, BC

Happily Going: Vancouver, BC

Another Jogging Sausage: Vancouver, BC

Having Fun: Vancouver, BC

Guarding the Pickup Truck: Vancouver, BC

Busy Jogging: Vancouver, BC

Attitude: Vancouver, BC

Carrying His Yorkie: West Vancouver, BC

Spring in Vancouver, BC

Frenchie at the Park: West Vancouver, BC

Dexter: Eager to Please

Dodoïte: The Corgi Crazed Look, Vancouver, BC

Doodle and her Feather: Vancouver, BC

Snootsy — The Flying Sausage: Vancouver, BC

Papa: the Chihuahua — Vancouver, BC

The Great Chicken Conspiracy: Vancouver, BC

Boston Terrier v. Frisbee: Vancouver, BC

How to Stare Politely: Whistler, BC

Piper: Vancouver, BC

Another Happy Bulldog: Vancouver, BC

The Old Dog & the Sea: Vancouver, BC

15 Years Old — West Vancouver, BC

Freida, the Whippet: Vancouver, BC

He Won the Prize: Vancouver, BC

Sword Fighting: Vancouver, BC

The Cone of Shame: Ambleside Park, West Vancouver, BC

Walter & the Ball: Vancouver, BC

Soda, a 19 Years Old Chow: Coquitlam, BC

Incoming Sausage: Vancouver, BC

Bowser the French Bulldog: Vancouver, BC

Basenji Watching the Dragon Boat Races: Vancouver, BC

Waiting for the Rain: Vancouver, BC

Henry: Vancouver, BC

Dog Waiting For His Biscuit

Cashew, the Pitbull: Vancouver, BC

Yoda, the Pug: Vancouver, BC

Busy Chewing: Vancouver, BC

Handmade Sweater: Vancouver, BC

5 Month Old Frenchie: Vancouver, BC

Jake — The Scottie: Vancouver, BC

Mini Poodle: Vancouver, BC

The Flying Locca: Vancouver, BC

9 Weeks Old Frenchie: Vancouver, BC

Otis, the English Bulldog: Vancouver, BC

Dogs and Bicycles: Vancouver, BC

Curious George: Vancouver, BC

Chasing The Hol-ee Ball: Vancouver, BC

Eager to Play: Vancouver, BC

Bear: The Chow — Vancouver, BC

Cesar and his Frisbee: Vancouver, BC

Bulldog Power: Vancouver, BC

Booties: Vancouver, BC

Buddha, The Pug: Vancouver, BC

Hunter: Vancouver Downtown Eastside, BC

Day Dreaming: West Vancouver — Ambleside Park

Dodoïte: The Happy Dumb Corgi Look — Vancouver, BC

Duffus, the Basset Hound: Vancouver, BC

Jasper: Vancouver

Jogging Sausage: Vancouver, BC

JR: The Jack Russell: Vancouver, BC

The Flying Frenchie: Vancouver, BC

Lucky: Vancouver Downtown Eastside, BC

Koko, the Yorkie: West Vancouver

Kallie: Vancouver — Downtown Eastside

Milo Runs & Runs: Vancouver, BC

Oggo Poggo: Vancouver, BC

The Eyes: Vancouver, BC

Rambo: Vancouver Beach, BC

Old English Setter: Ambleside Park, West Vancouver, BC

The Statue: Vancouver Beach, BC

The Boss: Vancouver, BC

Lucky: Vancouver Downtown Eastside, BC

Zeick: Vancouver Downtown Eastside, BC

17 Years Old: West Vancouver, BC

Another Rambo: Vancouver — Downtown Eastside

Pug at the Beach

Guarding The House: Vancouver, BC

My Dog with His Wings!

Snootsy: His Favorite Spot

French Bulldog Swimming in the Ocean

Sausage Waiting At Granville Island: Vancouver, BC

Waiting For Her Owner: Whistler, BC

Border Collie Waiting Patiently

Sacrificing Himself

Soda & Ludmilla

Can’t look: Vancouver, BC

Harley: The Powerhouse

Athlete Performing

Toby, the Vacuum Cleaner

Border Collie Swimming (Kind Of)

Can’t Stop Running: Vancouver, BC

Another Hard Working Doggy

My Dog in the Forest: Vancouver, BC

Dancer, the Duck Trolling Retriever

Running with Small Dogs

What Next? Let’s Get Moooving…

Dogs and the Totem Pole

Dog at Granville Island: Vancouver, BC

Waiting by Terra Breads

Dog Waiting

XMas Gathering: Vancouver, BC

Blue: a Beagle


Mastiff: Vancouver, BC

Snootsy: Not Impressed

Puppy With Grass Allergies

Nkosa: The Prince

Otis: The English Bulldog

Happy Walter: Vancouver, BC

Merlot: The “Sausage”

Dog Missing In Action

Whippet: Vancouver, BC

Lily, The Boss: Vancouver, BC

The Dog Bar: Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Snootsy: Vancouver, BC

Saluki Soaking the Sun

Harley: Vancouver, BC

Waiting @ Granville Island

It’s Not Her Dog

The Lion in Winter: Vancouver, BC

Whippet: Born to Run

The profile of a French Bulldog

Happy Dog: Vancouver, BC

Zzzz: Vancouver, BC

The Cookie Monster: Vancouver, BC

Why Do I Have To Do This?

Was it OK?

Working for a Living

Great Dogs at Agility Races

My Dog Walking Around

The Winter: Whistler, BC

Blue: An Older Beagle: Vancouver, BC

Just Strolling By Herself: Vancouver, BC

Always Herself, Whistler, BC

Young Girl and Terrier Mix: Vancouver, BC

Young Frenchie: Vancouver, BC

The Boss: Vancouver, BC

What’s Happening? Vancouver, BC

Who’s Running With Who?

Walking on the Leash: Vancouver, BC

What a Face: Vancouver, BC

Waiting for the Photo: Vancouver, BC

Waiting to Play: Vancouver, BC

Walking with Huskies: Vancouver, BC

Trixie: Vancouver, BC

Unhappy Camper: Vancouver, BC

The Eyes: Vancouver, BC

The Smile: Vancouver, BC

The French Bulldog Look: Vancouver, BC

Terriers Inc. : Vancouver, BC

Running: Vancouver, BC

The Terrier Gang: Vancouver, BC

Scooter: Vancouver, BC

See How Dogs Run: Vancouver, BC

The More He Pulls…: Vancouver, BC

Trombone, a Quiet Corgi: Vancouver, BC

A Resigned Bernese Mountain Dog: Vancouver, BC

Rudy or Ruby: Vancouver, BC

Queen of the House: Vancouver, BC

Reflector for Dogs

What’s Happening?

Roll me over: West Vancouver — Ambleside Park

St Bernard Puppy: Whistler, BC

Nose to Nose: Vancouver, BC

On Strike: Vancouver, BC

Peace in Vancouver, BC

Lilliputian v Gulliver

Jogging Sausage: Vancouver, BC

Labrador Retriever at Work: Vancouver, BC

Men in Black, aka The Pug: Vancouver, BC

Jogging With His Dog: Vancouver, BC

Iron Dog: Vancouver, BC

I Have the Ball: Vancouver BC

Handle Bars: Vancouver, BC

Walter at the Olympics: Vancouver, BC

Gene Pool Problems

Saluki: Hadden Park — Vancouver, BC

Sleeping on the Job: Vancouver, BC

A Fake Labradoodle: Vancouver, BC

The Stare: Vancouver, BC

Wolfhound Mix at the Beach: Vancouver, BC

Normal Dogs Catch Frisbees: Vancouver, BC

Catching the Frisbee: Vancouver, BC

Fake Labradoodle

First Contact: West Vancouver, BC

Running Back and Forth: Banff, AB

Hipster Dog: Vancouver, BC

Scruffy Skye Terrier at Work: Vancouver, BC

Smokey, a Standard Poodle: Vancouver, BC

Intrigued: Vancouver, BC

Tied to the Bike: Vancouver, BC

Another Amazing Dog: Vancouver, BC

Busy Bee: Vancouver, BC

Happy Dog or What?

The Boss: Banff, AB

Greyhound Rescue: West Vancouver, BC

Walking With Their Dogs: West Vancouver, BC

Earning Her Treats: Vancouver, BC

Spunk: Vancouver, BC

The Satellite Dish: Vancouver, BC

Daffy The Duck

Dog Working for a Living

Sociable Dogs: Vancouver, BC

Really Cold: Vancouver, BC

Snoopy: Vancouver, BC

Some Dogs Have Presence

Capturing a Golden Retriever

Butt Sniffing

A Large Dachshund: Vancouver, BC

Saluki: Ambleside Park — West Vancouver, BC

What’s The Tongue For?

What’s the Harness For?

Avoiding Staring at Me

Photographing Black Dogs

How To Stare Without Looking

Rubbing Herself: Vancouver, BC

Smiling: Vancouver, BC

Can She See Me?

Running By: Vancouver, BC

Fred & the Ball: Vancouver, BC

Under Attack: Vancouver, BC

Still Having Fun on 3 Legs

Golden Retriever Walking her Owner

After the Kill: West Vancouver, BC

Running & Jumping: Vancouver, BC

Terry: Vancouver, BC

Max, the Mean Dog: Vancouver, BC

Frank the Pug: Vancouver, BC

In Control: Vancouver, BC

Another Sausage: Vancouver, BC

Clumsy: Vancouver, BC

Happy Doodle: Vancouver, BC

Professional Hunter: Vancouver, BC

Dog Working for Xmas

Jogging With A Dog: Vancouver, BC

The Stomach on 4 Wheels: Vancouver, BC

Black Lab: Vancouver, BC

Max: The Lab-Beagle mix

Bernese Mountain Dog: Vancouver, BC


Agility Racing: The Beagle

Agility Racing: The Jump

Frenchie at the Beach: Vancouver, BC

Another Hard Working Doggy: Vancouver, BC

Henry: the Modern Dog

Almost There: Vancouver, BC

Mouthing Around: West Vancouver, BC

Photographing in the Fog: West Vancouver, BC

Roller Blades: Vancouver, BC

Oscar, the 13 years old: Old English Sheepdog

Who’s Sniffing Who? Vancouver, BC

Anxious Dogs: Vancouver, BC

Tired: Vancouver, BC

Another Happy Dog: Vancouver, BC

The Beginning of Troubles

He Never Looks: Vancouver, BC

Sidney, the Good Dog: Ambleside Park — West Vancouver, BC

Just a Happy Dog: Vancouver, BC

The Sheep/Greyhound: Vancouver, BC

The Moving Statue: Vancouver, BC

Scottie vs. Cyclist: Vancouver, BC

Running Uphill: Vancouver, BC

Rubber Shoe: Vancouver, BC

The Running Spirit: Vancouver, BC

Tupelo: Vancouver, BC

Black Cocker Spaniel Jogging: Vancouver, BC

A Very Serious Hungarian Vizsla: Vancouver, BC

Whippet: Vancouver, BC

In the Sand & Still on the Leash: Vancouver, BC

Irish Wolfhound Cross: Vancouver, BC

Rambunctious: Vancouver, BC

Jogging in Sync: West Vancouver, BC

The Stare: Vancouver Downtown Eastside, BC

Chasing the Chaser: Vancouver, BC

Self Injury: Vancouver, BC

Frenchie v. Tennis Ball: Vancouver, BC

Got the Ball: West Vancouver, BC

Blue Heeler: Vancouver, BC

The Puzzled Look: Vancouver, BC

What a Cuttie: Vancouver, BC

Princess: Vancouver, BC

Dog in Pit: Vancouver, BC

Mako: Vancouver, BC

Tula An English Setter: Vancouver, BC

Let’s Get Mooving: Vancouver, BC

In Sync: Vancouver, BC

The Mexican Special: Vancouver, BC

Bamboo: Vancouver, BC

Deaf and Soon to be Blind: Vancouver, BC

Rusty, a Rambunctious Boxer: Vancouver, BC

The Running Spirit and her Prize

Another Doggy on a Mission: Vancouver, BC

Tag Team: Vancouver, BC

Is Anybody Going To Play With Me?

Bench Press v. Chihuahua: Vancouver, BC

The Smile: Vancouver, BC

Samson: Vancouver, BC

Lunging for Treats: Vancouver, BC

Dodoïte in the Snow: Vancouver, BC

Carrying his Frisbee: Vancouver, BC

Flat Coated Retriever: West Vancouver, BC

Reluctant Dog: Vancouver, BC

Cone of Shame: Vancouver, BC

Another Bella: Vancouver, BC

Drying Time at the Beach: Vancouver, BC

Lucky with his Tuxedo: Vancouver, BC

Chinese Crested Doing an Agility Race

Snuggle: Vancouver, BC

Cyclists: Amsterdam, NL

Nikki: Vancouver, BC

Jogging, Winter 2014: Vancouver, BC

On a Diet: Vancouver, BC

Worried Dodoïte: Vancouver, BC

Rottie Carrying Her Own Food: Whistler, BC

The Sheepish Look: West Vancouver, BC

She’s Late: West Vancouver, BC

No Dog Parking: Whistler, BC

Ginormous Kong: Vancouver, BC

Guarding the Ball: Vancouver, BC

Crash: A Pomeranian/Chihuahua — Vancouver, BC

Chaser: The Gambling Dog: Vancouver, BC

The Attack: West Vancouver, BC

Bloodhound: Vancouver, BC

Lost His Left Eye: West Vancouver, BC

A Well Balanced Lab

Kathe with an Abandoned Papillon Dog

Chihuahua mix: Vancouver, BC

Ministry of Silly Walks: Vancouver, BC

Kayo: World Champion, Vancouver, BC

The Smirk: Vancouver, BC

Jogging in Whistler, BC

Dog v Horse: Vancouver, BC

Her Prized Possession: Vancouver, BC

Bullitt Cargo Bike with the Golden Retriever Option

Dog Without A Collar: Vancouver, BC

Pinkie: Vancouver, BC

The Evil Eye: Vancouver, BC

The Evil Eye: Vancouver, BC

Happy Dog: Ambleside Park, West Vancouver, BC

An Almost Old Golden Retriever: Vancouver, BC

Turning on a Dime: Vancouver, BC

Another Doodle at Work: West Vancouver, BC

Mischievous Dog: Vancouver, BC

The Balloon and a French Bulldog: Vancouver, BC

The Killer Boots: Vancouver, BC

Dock Jumper: Vancouver, BC

The Leader of the Pack: Vancouver, BC

Playing at the Park: Vancouver, BC

Serious Frenchie: West Vancouver, BC

Borzoi Running: West Vancouver, BC

What a Beautiful Golden Retriever

Ready for the Kill: Vancouver, BC

Rambunctious Boxer, Vancouver, BC

Get Moving Lady: Vancouver, BC

Late for Meeting: West Vancouver, BC

Dog Flying: Vancouver, BC

Recently Adopted: Vancouver, BC

First Encounter: West Vancouver, BC

What The Hell Am I doing?

The Power of Advertising

Behind the Couch: Vancouver, BC

Toby: 4 month old Jack Russell

Xmas is Coming: Vancouver, BC

Great Japanese Dog: Vancouver, BC

Her Stick: West Vancouver, BC

Coco Channel: West Vancouver, BC

Eating the Grass: West Vancouver, BC

Oops, Dropped the Ball: Vancouver, BC

Where Are The Eyes? Vancouver, BC

The Menacing Look: Vancouver, BC

Dogs Not Allowed: Vancouver, BC

2 Iggies: Vancouver, BC

What Is It? Vancouver, BC

Picking Up the Ball: Vancouver, BC

Old and Still Running Around: West Vancouver, BC

Dog Encounters: West Vancouver, BC

A Very Smart Guard Dog: Vancouver, BC

Tired: Vancouver, BC

Taking a Break: Vancouver, BC

Brindle Frenchie: Vancouver, BC

Tired Corgi: West Vancouver, BC

Fearless: Vancouver, BC

Being Leashed Up: Vancouver, BC

Lost Her Ball: West Vancouver, BC

The Tongue: Vancouver, BC

Yoda, Born to be Wild: Vancouver, BC

The Tricycle: Vancouver, BC

Seahawks Beagle: Vancouver, BC

Sniffing Around: West Vancouver, BC

I Love my Golden Retriever: Vancouver, BC

Fierce & Determined: Vancouver, BC

Dog vs Bicycle: Vancouver, BC

The Sausage: Vancouver, BC

Another Halti: Vancouver, BC

Guarding the Land Rover: Vancouver, BC

Jumping Around: Vancouver, BC

Lizzy: Vancouver, BC

Old English Sheepdog: Delta, BC

Pit Bull @work: Vancouver, BC

Italian Greyhound Jogging: Vancouver, BC

A Confident Beagle: Vancouver, BC

In Training: Vancouver, BC

Lisa, the Greyhound: Vancouver, BC

Proud of Herself: Vancouver, BC

A Beagle Just Before Howling: Vancouver, BC

River: Vancouver, BC

Mine, No! It’s Mine, Vancouver, BC

Danger — Keep Off: Vancouver, BC

Doing The Submission Seat: Vancouver, BC

Frenchie v. Frisbee: Vancouver, BC

Before Noticing The Camera: Vancouver, BC

Photographing Black Dogs: Vancouver, BC

Hard Working Bulldog: Vancouver, BC

Running Sausage: Vancouver, BC

Doberman at the Beach: Vancouver, BC

Only 3 Legs and Still Having Fun: Vancouver, BC

Before Going to Work: Vancouver, BC

Dogs Are Always Themselves: West Vancouver, BC

A Big Mastiff: Vancouver, BC

Cleo the Cairn Terrier/Norfolk Terrier: Vancouver, BC

What Do You Want?

Killer on the Run: West Vancouver, BC

Photographing Black Dogs: Vancouver, BC

Jogging Whippet (Almost): Vancouver, BC

Walking By Himself: Vancouver, BC

Dog Faces: West Vancouver, BC

Danny, the Malamute: Vancouver, BC

Mexican Greyhound: Vancouver, BC

Following a Frisbee: Vancouver, BC

The Head Tilt: Vancouver, BC

So Serious: West Vancouver, BC

The Deliverance: Vancouver, BC

Looking At Me? Vancouver, BC

Dog v. Dragon Boat: Vancouver, BC

Dodoïte Tracking: Vancouver, BC

Dog Walking/Cat Visits: Vancouver, BC

Incoming Fuzzball: Vancouver, BC

Boxer With Character: Vancouver, BC

Doing the Work Herself: Vancouver, BC

Jogging Along: Vancouver, BC

Mouthing Around: Vancouver, BC

Coyote Roaming the Streets: Vancouver, BC

In The Heat of the Day: Vancouver, BC

Mine’s Bigger Than Yours: West Vancouver, BC

Escapee: West Vancouver, BC

The Leader of the Trike: Vancouver, BC

Lola: Vancouver, BC

Cora, The Soon To Be Terror: Vancouver, BC

The Dry Nose: Vancouver, BC

Unhappy Camper: West Vancouver, BC

Black Lab Carrying His Own Football: Vancouver, BC

Duffus: Vancouver, BC

Beware of the Dog: Vancouver, BC

Athlete at Work: Vancouver, BC

Picking up a Frisbee: Vancouver, BC

Leave Me Alone: Vancouver, BC

Shiba Inu: Vancouver, BC

Tired Wiry Dachshund: West Vancouver, BC

Killer on the Run: Vancouver, BC

The Alarm System: Vancouver, BC

A Happy Dodoïte: West Vancouver, BC

Charlie, the Sausage: Vancouver, BC

The Halti: Vancouver, BC

The Mini Lion King: West Vancouver, BC

Distracted: Vancouver, BC

Doggy on a Mission: Vancouver, BC

No Dog Allowed: Vancouver, BC

Brand New Puppy: Vancouver, BC

The Glare: Vancouver, BC

Bad Hair Day: Vancouver, BC

Waiting Patiently at the Restaurant: Vancouver, BC

Master of the Dog Walk: Vancouver, BC

Always Time for a Good Scratch: Vancouver, BC

Doggy Central: Vancouver, BC

Dancing Schnauzer: Vancouver, BC

A Relaxed Boxer: Vancouver, BC

Female Husky: Vancouver, BC

Milo, the Greyhound: Vancouver, BC

Dodoïte — Clueless: Vancouver, BC

Training for City Parkour: Vancouver, BC

Princess: Vancouver, BC

Mr Nasty: Vancouver, BC

Young Greyhound: Vancouver, BC

Beaumont The Eyes: Vancouver, BC

Yoda, the Pilot: Vancouver, BC

Abandoned: Vancouver, BC

Droopy: Vancouver, BC

Born to Run: Vancouver, BC

Happy in the Forest: Vancouver, BC

Italian Greyhounds: Vancouver, BC

For Dogs Only: Vancouver, BC

Personality: Vancouver, BC

Walking The Dogs: Vancouver, BC

The Dogs By-Laws: Vancouver, BC

Dog Friendly Hotel: Whistler, BC

Henry at the Park: Vancouver, BC

The Beagle: Vancouver, BC

Georgia, the Doodle: Vancouver, BC

Black Dog Running: Vancouver, BC

Golden Retriever Walk/Running: Vancouver, BC

Henry, a French Bulldog: Vancouver, BC

Frenchie with an Attitude: Vancouver, BC

Undecided: West Vancouver, BC

The DeerHound: West Vancouver, BC

Jogging: Vancouver, BC

Frenchie at the Beach: Vancouver, BC

Chihuahua Howling: Vancouver, BC

Dogs and Bicycles: Vancouver, BC

Lhasa Apso: West Vancouver, BC

The Dog Photographer: West Vancouver, BC

Man and Dog Walking: Vancouver, BC

Personal Protection: West Vancouver, BC

Dog Walking: West Vancouver, BC

Dodoïte at Work: Vancouver, BC

Hard Working Frenchie: Vancouver, BC

Am Milo and Am an Addict: Vancouver, BC

Ignoring Me: Vancouver, BC

Playing Around: Vancouver, BC

Cycling with a Running Dog: Vancouver, BC

Serious Dog: Vancouver, BC

A Very Patient Dog: Vancouver, BC

Photographing of the Photographer: Vancouver, BC

Doggy Wheelchair — Beach: Vancouver, BC

Jogging with Huskies: Vancouver, BC

The Dignity of an Older Lab: Vancouver, BC

Dog Working: Seawall — Vancouver, BC

Jogging in Sync: Vancouver, BC

Bull Terrier: Vancouver, BC

The Frisbee Expert: Vancouver, BC

The Cone of Shame: Vancouver, BC

Zeus: Vancouver Downtown Eastside, BC

Border Collie with a Bicycle: Vancouver, BC

Bulldog on a Mission: Vancouver, BC

Do Dogs Blink?

Labradoodle Catching the Ball: Vancouver, BC

Pomeranian Walking (kind of): Vancouver, BC

Walking The Seawall: Stanley Park — Vancouver, BC

4 Weeks Old Pitbull: Vancouver Downtown Eastside, BC

Snootsy: Vancouver, BC

Doggy on a Mission: West Vancouver, BC

Koda Giving Me the Eye, Iqaluit, NU

Old Greyhound: Vancouver, BC

Life Jacket at the Lake: Vancouver, BC

Walking By: Vancouver, BC

Not Even Tired: Vancouver, BC

Busy Right Now: Vancouver, BC

Chihuahuas R Us: Vancouver, BC

Cooper — The Goofball: Vancouver, BC

Babar: Vancouver Beach, BC

Bella — The Crashed Dynamo: Vancouver, BC

Bonder: Vancouver Downtown Eastside, BC

Catch Me if You Can: West Vancouver, BC

Chasing the Ball: Vancouver, BC

Chicken in Doggy Suit: Vancouver, BC

Chihuahuas on the Go: Vancouver, BC

Chris and Manuel: Vancouver Downtown Eastside, BC

A Cool Dude: Vancouver, BC

Dog Catching the Ball: Vancouver, BC

Dogs at the Beach: Vancouver, BC


I Traded My Dog: Vancouver, BC

Shawn & Jasper: Vancouver Downtown Eastside, BC

Lightroom: Exceed the Minimum System Requirements

Lightroom: Terms

Lightroom: Spring Cleaning

Lightroom Error: Metadata Conflict

Lightroom: Useful Shortcuts

Lightroom: Keywords v. Collections

Lightroom: Searching For ‘And’ or ‘Or’

Lightroom: Headline v Title v Caption

Lightroom: Thumbnail Sizes

Lightroom: Tips That Make My Life Easier

Lightroom: Why Use Virtual Copies?

Lightroom: Make Your Skies Pop

Lightroom: The Recovery Slider

Lightroom: Rearrange Keywords

Lightroom: Getting Good Prints from Costco

Lightroom: Improve Your Photos in Less than 1 minute

Lightroom: Remember the Why of a Virtual Copy

Lightroom: Really Deleting Photos from Collections

Lightroom: The Case Against DNG

Lightroom: Optimizing Catalog

Lightroom: Suspected Duplicates

Lightroom: Renaming a Catalog

Lightroom: Improve Your Photography

Pirated Lightroom

Lightroom Error: Problems with XMP Sidecars

Lightroom: Exposure vs. Brightness

Lightroom: Correcting Existing Misspelled Keywords

Lightroom: The “Proper” Camera Defaults

Lightroom: Noise Reduction, Luminance vs Color

Lightroom: The Quick Collection

Lightroom: Finding Which Collection does this Photo Belongs To?

Lightroom: RAM vs. CPU

Lightroom: Recovery +100

Lightroom: Identity Plates for Printing

Lightroom: The Other Backup

What’s Wrong with Lightroom and IPTC

Lightroom: Speed and the Raw Cache

Lightroom: How To Remove the EXIF Data

Lightroom: 300 DPI vs 72 DPI

Lightroom: Stacking Photos

Lightroom: Rendering Previews

Lightroom: Secrets of Integrating with Photoshop

Lightroom: SSD v Hard Drives

Lightroom: Real Black and Whites

Lightroom: How To Correct Misspelled Keywords

Monitor Calibration: The Follow Up

Monitor Calibration and the Debunking Unit

Lightroom: Find Virtual Copies

Lightroom: Megapixels vs. Print Size

Lightroom: Animals: How To Remove The Green Eyes

Lightroom: Dark Prints

Lightroom: Headline v. Description v. Title

Lightroom: Target Collection

Lightroom: Sharpening Photos

Lightroom: Ratings

Lightroom: Vibrance

Lightroom: Synchronize Folders

Lightroom: Develop Module Basic Processing

Lightroom: How to Restore a Catalog

Lightroom: Really Slow

Lightroom: Multiple Copies of One Photo

Lightroom: Mistakes

Lightroom: SSDs: Is It Worth The Big $$$?

Lightroom: Sorting Photos Your Own Way

Lightroom: XMP Sidecars

Lightroom: Imports and Previews

Lightroom: Import Select Source Solution

Lightroom: Deleting Photos Via Collections

Lightroom: EXIF v XMP v IPTC

Lightroom: Survey View vs Compare View

Lightroom: The Basic Panel

Lightroom: Disk Activity

Lightroom: JPEGs Quality vs Size

Lightroom: Collection Sets

Lightroom: My Workflow Revisited

Lightroom: Metadata Fields Clarifications

Lightroom: Applying A Camera Profile To Many Photos

Lightroom: Crop Orientation

Lightroom: Blank Lines in Description

Lightroom: Flying Solo

How To Slow Down Lightroom

Lightroom: Raw vs JPEG or Canada vs US

Lightroom: Highlight Clipping Triangle

Lightroom: Metadata IPTC Equivalents

Lightroom: The Fill Light Slider

Lightroom: How To Improve Your Photos

Lightroom: Speeding Up Generating Previews

Lightroom and Older Photoshop

RAW files

Lightroom: Your research source is flawed!

Lightroom: Stacks

Lightroom: Why is my Lightroom so Slow?

Lightroom: Date Formats

Lightroom: What Kind of Computer/CPU to Get

Lightroom: Very Slow

Lightroom: The Keepers

Lightroom: Setting The Order Of Photos For a Gallery

Lightroom: Selecting Photos In the Grid View

Lightroom: Selecting Photos During Import

Lightroom: Smart Collections: Part 2

Lightroom: Why Wait For The “Loading…” Overlay

Lightroom: Sizes For Web Display

Lightroom: Virtual Copies

Lightroom: Switching from 32 bit to 64 bit

Lightroom: Smart Collections Within Smart Collection

Lightroom: My Real Life Workflow

Lightroom: Photos Without Location, Country…

Lightroom: Generate the 1:1 Previews After Importing

Lightroom: Horizontal vs. Vertical

Lightroom: How to Delete All Keywords at Once

Lightroom: DNG & XMP files

Lightroom Error: Corrupted Catalog

Lightroom: Colour Spaces

Lightroom: Catalog Size & Speed

Lightroom: Zoom Levels

Lightroom: Smart Collections: Part 1

Histogram: Lightroom v. Photoshop

Lightroom: Importing Photos

Lightroom Error: Troubleshooting Part 8

Lightroom Error: Troubleshooting Part 7

Lightroom Error: Troubleshooting Part 6

Lightroom Error: Troubleshooting Part 5

Lightroom Error: Troubleshooting Part 4

Lightroom Error: Troubleshooting Part 3

Lightroom Error: Troubleshooting Part 2

Lightroom: Standard Previews Size

Lightroom Error: Troubleshooting Part 1

Lightroom: Sorting Photos

Lightroom: Slow As Molasses Or Lightning Fast?

Lightroom: Keys For Web Module

Lightroom: Keys For Rating Photos

Lightroom: Keys For Metadata & Keywords

Lightroom: Keys For Comparing Photos

Lightroom: Keys For Help

Lightroom: Keys For Collections

Lightroom: Selecting Photos in the Grid View

Lightroom: Select Catalog When Starting

Lightroom: Saving Changes

Lightroom: Printer Profiles

Lightroom: Terms in Develop Module

Lightroom: Photos Not Part of a Collection

Lightroom: New RAW Formats

Lightroom: My Catalog Settings

Lightroom: Moving Photos Between Catalogs

Lightroom: Moving Catalog To External USB Drive

Lightroom: Moving To New Computer

Lightroom: Missing Watermarks During Export

Lightroom: Lrcat File & Lrdata Folders

Lightroom: Renaming Keywords In Bunch of Photos

Lightroom Error: Keywords Not Being Applied

Lightroom: IPTC Common Entries

Lightroom: Speed of Catalog

Lightroom Error: Keywords Missing In Bridge

Lightroom: Panels Behavior

Lightroom: How to Set the File Names

Lightroom: How to See Before & After

Lightroom: How Many Catalogs

Lightroom: How To Rename A Catalog

Lightroom: How To Make Borderless Prints

Lightroom: Remove All Flags From All Photos

Lightroom: How To Delete Photos That Were Removed From A Catalog

Lightroom: How To Recover Moved Photos

Lightroom: How To Get Another 20% Performance

Lightroom: How to Display The EXIF Data

Lightroom: How To Crop Many Photos

Lightroom: How Many Photos In A Catalog?

Lightroom: My Develop Module Workflow

Lightroom: Useful Keys in the Grid View

Lightroom: My File Naming Conventions

Lightroom: Files Location

Lightroom: Exported JPEGs vs. Web JPEGs

Lightroom: Export Settings For Web Display

Lightroom: Export Settings for Original Photo

Lightroom: Export Settings for JPEGs

Lightroom: Export Settings for PSD

Lightroom: Export Settings for TIFF

Lightroom: Export Settings for DNG

Lightroom Error: Duplicates During Import

Lightroom: DNG vs Original Raw Revisited

Lightroom Error: Rendering File Changed

Lightroom: Cropping to Fixed Size

Lightroom: Crop & Overlays

Lightroom: RAW vs. DNG

Lightroom Error: Catalog Used By Another Program

Lightroom: Correcting the Wrong Time on a Photo

Lightroom: Colour Labels

Lightroom: Going back to Previous

Lightroom: The Previews

Lightroom: Catalog Speed

Lightroom: Colours Changing After Rendering Previews

Lightroom: Backups

Lightroom: Storing The Catalog On A Network Drive

Lightroom: Backing Up Your Catalog

Lightroom: Adding Keywords To Many Photos

Lightroom: Flags in Lightroom and in Photoshop

Lightroom: Apply Presets To Multiple Photos? (round 2)

Lightroom: How to Delete Keywords?

Lightroom: Apply Presets To Multiple Photos?

Lightroom: Grayscale Adjustments

Lightroom: Finding Photos With Only Specific Keywords


Lightroom: Exposure vs. Brightness

Lightroom: Photos Directory Structure

Lightroom: My File Naming Conventions

Lightroom: Using The History

Lightroom: Where Are My Presets?

Lightroom: Finding the Photos Without Keywords

What’s The Best Setting For…

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