Canon: One Banana

category: Cameras • 1 min read

What’s Canon has to do with bananas? Actually a lot, and not just Canon but also Nikon, Pentax, Sony….

Most of the current zoom lenses have some kind of image stabilization. Each manufacturer has their own name:

  • Canon: IS: Image Stabilization / lenses
  • Nikon: VR: Vibration Reduction / lenses
  • Sony: IS: Image Stabilization / body
  • Pentax: SR: Shake Reduction / body
  • Olympus: IS: Image Stabilization / body
  • Sigma: OS: Optical Stabilization / lenses

The problem is that the stabilization is not instant. It takes time to engage, then time to analyze the shake/movement and then time to counter the shake/movement. Usually it takes:

One Banana

Actually it’s not a physical banana, but saying the words: One Banana.

Some of the higher end newer professional lenses from Canon and Nikon take 2 bananas. The IS engages and provides a level within one banana, but if it stays engaged for 2 bananas, you can often get the full 4 stop as advertised.