Canon 7D: How Do You Know If You Have The Highlight Tone Priority On?

category: Cameras • 1 min read

How do you know if you have the highlight tone priority on? The Highlight Tone Priority is set with:

C.Fn II -3 Highlight tone priority set to 1.

You can quickly check if it’s on with the “D+” next to the ISO speed. If you see the “D+, then the highlight tone priority is set. You will see it in:

  • The quick menu
  • The top LCD panel
  • The view finder
  • The highlight tone priority improves the highlight detail.
  • The dynamic range is expanded between the standard 18% grey and the highlights.
  • There can be more noise in the shadows.
  • The ISO range shrinks to 200 - 6400.
  • You cannot have both the Highlight Tone Priority and the Auto Lighting Optimizer active. If the Highlight Tone Priority is selected, then Auto Lighting Optimizer is disabled.