Canon Firmware Upgrade

category: Cameras • 1 min read

As you know by now, Canon has released a new version of the firmware for the Canon 7D. Every photo website has announced it. Usually, I don’t upgrade that quickly. I usually wait for a month or so to hear about problems. Then I need to test it…

Against my own advice, I upgraded to the new firmware. No work for the past weekend, so I loaded the new firmware into my Canon 7D to test it. I’ve done a few firmware upgrades but before I upgrade, I always reread the Canon instructions:

  • Use a fully charged Battery Pack.
  • Do not press any camera buttons during the firmware writing operation.

and when does the new firmware takes effect?

When the firmware update operations are finished, turn the camera OFF and remove battery from the camera for at least two seconds. This will cause the new firmware to take effect after the battery has been reloaded and the camera is turned on.

Did you notice the last paragraph. You must remove the battery to have the firmware take effect.

I’ve read somewhere on Canon’s website that this new firmware cannot be downgraded. So if you move to 1.2.2, you cannot go back to a 1.1 or 1.0 serie.