Canon: Daylight Saving Time

category: Cameras • 1 min read

Yesterday was the Daylight Saving Time in North America. I had to change 11 clocks from the TV to alarm clocks, cars, stove, microwave oven… That included 3 cameras. There were a few more that I didn’t have to update like the computers and the phones.

Why didn’t Canon include the automatic daylight saving time for North America? It’s all there, they could have done it. They didn’t. So you should update the clock of your camera to the daylight saving time.

Why should you update the clock for the daylight saving time?

  • It’s only one hour off, who cares? I do, especially when I make photos of many people, I write down the name and the time.
  • Months or years later, I look back at sunset/sunrise photos and decide to redo them for a similar light.
  • The EXIF data will be incorrect.
  • The computer needs to know if the files will need to be backed-up or not.

Please note that your computer, be it Windows, Mac or Linux, keep the time in UTC, standard time, but will translate the clock into the correct timezone as defined when you installed/purchased your computer.