Canon 7D: Quick AF Selection

category: Cameras • 1 min read

Normally to select the focus point, I have to:

  1. Press on the AF-Point selection button at the top right on the back of the camera
  2. Use the Multi-Controller/Joystick to select the focusing point

I don’t like the 2 step operations. It’s too complicated for me! I’m not smart enough to deal with “complicated” operations in the heat of the moment. I have to deal with the subject, the camera and often the environment like looking behind my back to see if somebody will attack/steal…

Buried in the manual is my answer: page 217 and page 220 with the *3. Have you rushed to your manual?

  1. C.Fn IV - 1 Custom Controls
  2. Select the Multi-Controller/Joystick
  3. Assign the Multi-Controller/Joystick to “AF point direct selection”
  4. Press the Info to select: “Switch to registered AF point”

Then, by just moving the Multi-Controller/Joystick, I can select directly the focusing zone or the focusing point. And by just pressing on Multi-Controller/Joystick, I go back to the center zone/point

The Multi-Controller/Joy Stick doesn’t work in the 19 point AF mode. There’s nothing to select, the Canon 7D is already using all the 19 AF points.