Canon 7D: Custom Functions

category: Cameras • 1 min read

One of the thing that distinguishes the Canon 7D, from most of the other cameras, is the customization. So many that it’s unbelievable, I’m not sure that I’ve recovered from it.

There are 4 types of custom functions:

  1. Exposure settings
  2. Image settings
  3. Auto-Focus settings & Drive settings
  4. Others, the grab bag

Here’s the list of the Canon 7D of the custom functions:

C.Fn I-1 Exposure level increments
C.Fn I-2 ISO speed increments
C.Fn I-3 ISO expansion
C.Fn I-4 Bracketing auto cancel
C.Fn I-5 Bracketing sequence
C.Fn I-6 Safety shift
C.Fn I-7 Flash sync speed in Av mode
C.Fn II-1 Long exposure noise reduction
C.Fn II-2 High ISO noise reduction
C.Fn II-3 Highlight tone priority
Auto-Focus & Drive
C.Fn III-1 AI servo track sensitivity
C.Fn III-2 AI servo 1st/2nd image priority
C.Fn III-3 AI servo track method
C.Fn III-4 Lens drive when AF impossible
C.Fn III-5 AF micro-adjustment
C.Fn III-6 Select AF area selection mode
C.Fn III-7 Manual AF point selection pattern
C.Fn III-8 VF display illumination
C.Fn III-9 Display all AF points
C.Fn III-10 Focus display in AI SERVO/MF
C.Fn III-11 AF-assist beam firing
C.Fn III-12 Orientation link AF point
C.Fn III-13 Mirror lock up
C.Fn IV-1 Custom controls
C.Fn IV-2 Dial direction during Tv/Av
C.Fn IV-3 Add image verification data
C.Fn IV-4 Add aspect ratio info