Canon 7DMk2: Changing the Focus Mode

category: Cameras • 1 min read

One of my favorite feature of the Canon 7D is the orientation linked AF points. This means that the default AF points are selected depending on the orientation of the camera.

My base setup is the Zone AF. Horizontally (landscape mode) I use the center zone. Vertically (portrait mode), the 7D changes to the top zone (for the face.)

The problem is that now I have to be careful when I use the Quick Screen and the AF focus selection mode. To change the AF focus selection mode:

  1. Hold the camera horizontally, with the lens pointed forward
  2. Change the selection of the AF focus selection mode
  3. Hold the camera vertically, with the lens pointed forward
  4. Change the selection of the AF focus selection mode

If I do not follow the procedure exactly, changing the AF focus selection mode is unreliable, and I end up especially in the vertical mode in the “I never know which mode.”

  • It’s a two step process
  • Do not point the camera downward while changing the AF focus selection mode
  • The orientation sensor needs to know the orientation to apply the AF Focus selection mode