Canon 7D: Camera User Settings — C1 C2 C3

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The Canon 7D has the capability of storing all of your settings into one shortcut, the C1, the C2 or the C3. It will store all of the settings from the Q, the Quick Control Screen, the menus, the custom functions…

  1. Set all of your settings to exactly like you want
  2. Menu → 3rd yellow config tab → Camera user setting → Register → and select the mode dial C1, C2 or C3.
  • It’s an all or nothing system. You cannot edit or change just one item of the user setting.
  • Saving the settings wipes the previous setting and writes the new one.

Camera User Setting C1/C2/C3 Bug

If you are using either C1, C2 and C3 and let the camera “sit for a while” aka no activity according to Auto-Power Off, any change that you do after select C1, C2 or C3 will be lost.

I use C3 and often change the White Balance from Tungsten to Daylight. If it takes me more than 8 minutes to go from 1 photo to the next, oops! The Daylight setting has reverted back to Tungsten! I haven’t turned off the camera…

Which makes it “kind of useless.”

My Current Settings

Currently, I only use C1 and C3

Function C1 C3
ISO 400 200
Exposure Mode A Aperture M manual
Shutter Speed - 1/4
Aperture f/6.3 f/11
Auto Exposure Bracketing - ±1.67
Drive H (8 fps) Single
Focus mode AI Servo Off
White balance Daylight Tungsten
Focus Zone AF Linked points Off