The Eyes: Vancouver, BC

The look, the eyes.

This Cairn Terrier is starring straight into the camera. I’m only 2½ meters (8ft) away. No fear, no aggression, just wondering: “What am I?” and “What am I doing?”

The look, the eyes of a Cairn Terrier

The look, the eyes: Vancouver, BC

It’s the slight tilt of the head that make me think that she’s puzzled. On the other hand, I may be reading too much…

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The Smile: Vancouver, BC

This Irish Setter is not growling, he’s not threatening, that’s his smile.

His owner just says ‘Smile’ and he show his teeth. There is no growl, it’s a smile but only once per person. After that he’s done and he never ‘smiles’ again to that person.

The Smile: Vancouver, BC

The Smile: Vancouver, BC

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Terriers Inc. : Vancouver, BC

This guy has a Cairn Terrier (a female), a Wirehaired Dachshund and mix of Chihuahua Jack Russell. His dogs bark all the time. The worst is the Wirehaired Dachshund. Who, according to his owner, barks more than he breezes.

The Cairn Terrier is in charge. She runs the ‘zoo’. She eats first, she goes out first, she leads the walks…

I didn’t ask how he got to adopt these dogs… I know that I couldn’t survive it.

Terriers Inc: Vancouver, BC

Terriers Inc.: Vancouver, BC

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Running: Vancouver, BC

This dog kept on running and running…

I saw the owner throwing the ball and when I came back an hour forty-five minutes later, she was still throwing the ball. That’s when I started taking the photos.

Dog running while wearing a Seattle Seahawk tee-shirt

Dog Running: Vancouver, BC

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The Terrier Gang: Vancouver, BC

I don’t know how this lady is doing it. She has 3 terriers. They are not barking. They are working and they are walking with her. They are ignoring all the other dogs around, including mine which at my side.

Usually when there is a group of terriers, they will bark and hunt any other dog that dares to walk nearby.

3 terriers working

3 Terriers Working

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Rudy or Ruby: Vancouver, BC

When I asked for his name, his owner said Ruby. I asked again to confirm. But when he spoke to his dog, I’m sure that he called him Rudy.

Terrier mix: Vancouver, BC

Terrier Mix: Vancouver, BC

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