Dodoïte in the Snow: Vancouver, BC

Happy Dog in the Snow

Happy Dog happy in the Snow

Life has been hard for the Dodoïte (pronounced: Dodo ïte), especially in Vancouver. He doesn’t like Vancouver. He’s been attacked by ‘vicious trees’ that have been attacking him while he tries to pee. He’s been attacked by his own tail. He’s been attacked by airplanes… He’s afraid of his own shadow, literally and this is not a figure of speech.

Vancouver, BC, doesn’t …

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: AF Box Size

One of the nice thing about the new Fujifilm cameras is that you can control the size of the autofocus box.

The size of the focus box, which is set with the wheel, controls the size of the area where the camera is targeting for focusing.

I control the location of the autofocus box with the joystick. Before, on my X-T10, sometimes I was using the D-pad but most of the times, I was using …

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Carrying his Frisbee: Vancouver, BC

German Sheppard Carrying his Frisbee

Carrying his Frisbee

Cesar is a German Shepherd and he carries his plastic Frisbee everywhere he goes.

Cesar wants people to throw his Frisbee so he can run and get it back. He will try everybody even passers-by.

The problem is that he doesn’t drop the Frisbee on the ground. We, the strangers, are supposed to take it from his mouth.

Guess how often that happens? Even me, I don’t do that. I …

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Flat Coated Retriever: West Vancouver, BC

Flat Coated Retriever at the Beach

Flat Coated Retriever at the Beach

He was such a nice and friendly dog. It didn’t take much to bribe him, two small pieces of a chicken and salmon mix treats. After that, he was ready to follow me to the end of the earth. I didn’t see his owner, but s/he must have been around on the beach.

Dogs can smell a treat from 20+ meters/yards away and can do …

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Debunking Unit: APS-C and the equivalency hoax

The Internet is a very good at propagating hoaxes and transforming them into so-called facts (let’s not go into tweets and “fake-news”). The APS-C and the equivalency factor is just one of these hoax floating around the Internet.

Some people claim that a 23mm f/2 lens on a APS-C camera is in fact a 34.5mm with an f/stop of 3.2.

So at great expense and a lot of …

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Reluctant Dog: Vancouver, BC

dog running on beach with stick

Dog Running with Stick in Cold Water

The woman kept on throwing branches and wooden sticks into the water. She exhorted her dog to go after them and bring them back.

Her dog refused to go into the water, my guess is that sea was very cold. Eventually, he went into the water to retrieve this piece of wood.

The British Veterinary Association has declared that throwing wood for dog retrieval is bad! They claim …

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Cone of Shame: Vancouver, BC

The Cone of Shame: Vancouver, BC

The Cone of Shame: Vancouver, BC

He just had surgery, the day before. He’s not really scratching but it is best…

The official/real name for the cone of shame is the Elizabethan collar. Some people also call these cone of shame either a lamp-shade or a radar dish. Me, I call these satellite dishes. If you have the dog walk by the TV and it could pickup the TV signals…

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Slot #2

When setting the camera to save the RAW images in slot #1 and JPEG images in slot #2, by pressing the PLAY button, the images are low resolution and it’s not possible to zoom to 100%.

It’s because you are viewing the embedded previews within the RAW images of slot #1.

There are two ways of accessing the slot #2 when reviewing the images:

  1. While viewing the photo from slot #1, press the …
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Another Bella: Vancouver, BC

This is another Bulldog called Bella. Bella seems to be a very popular name for female dogs, especially with Bulldogs: English or French. I can think of 6 Bella and 4 of them are Bulldogs, 3 English Bulldogs and 1 French Bulldog.

Bella is supposed to come from Italian and means beautiful in Italian. Now, why is the name Bella so popular with Bulldogs or is it just me who notices more?

Bruce made Bella sit down, but she wasn’t impressed with me, I’m kneeling on the ground and ‘hiding behind the camera’.

Another bulldog named Bella

Another bulldog named Bella

Most bulldogs look like happy dogs.

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Drying Time at the Beach: Vancouver, BC

These two dogs were playing very well together. They went in the water and chased each other in the water, but it’s hard to run in the water, so they decided to come back on dry land (kind of) and now it’s time for the big shake up.

People at Georgia Tech took extremely high speed videos of dogs shaking their fur. It turns out that dogs shake about 70% of the water in their fur in only 4 seconds. They also found that dogs shake at around 4 time per second for the Labrador Retrievers. The smaller the dog, the faster the dog shakes.

dogs shaking themselves

Dogs Shaking Themselves

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Lucky with his Tuxedo: Vancouver, BC

Lucky is a very small Yorkshire Terrier that is afraid of everything. He’s even afraid of his own shadow and this is not a figure of speech.

Joseph adopted Lucky a couple of days before he was going to be killed because the shelter deemed him as ‘unadoptable’. When I asked Joseph how did he hear about it, he said that a friend that was volunteering at that shelter let him about the Yorkie. So Joseph adopted him and changed his name to Lucky.

Joseph’s daughter, that lives in Chicago, made Lucky’s tuxedo. She also did a Christmas costume: She’s a really good seamstress.

Lucky’s not happy of having his photo taken but he’ll do whatever Joseph tells him to do.

Lucky, a Yorkie, with his black tuxedo

Lucky with his Black Tuxedo

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