On a Diet: Vancouver, BC

She’s tired and doesn’t really want to run after the ball, but she’s on a diet and she needs to exercise.

Tired black lab

Tired Black Lab

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Worried Dodoïte: Vancouver, BC

This is my dog, Dodoïte (pronounced: Dodo ïte). He’s a half Basset Hound, half Australian Shepherd, and half Corgi. He’s not doing well.

He’s becoming more and more frightened by the city noises. Airplanes, helicopters, trucks, buses… Pretty much any unexpected noise, even the rain dripping on metallic things. One day it’s no problem and the next day he’s afraid of it.

He grew up in the mountains and I’d be surprised if he saw more than a couple of people a day and maybe one car per day… My current therapy is to go for long walks (and I make him work) so he doesn’t have the time to think about the noises.

Dodoïte, my dog, worried

Dodoïte, my dog, worried

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Rottie Carrying Her Won Food: Whistler, BC

She was a rambunctious puppy (btw, I forgot her name, her owner told me her name but I trusted my memory instead of writing it down and I was wrong).

So she started carrying stuff, food, water bottles… Dogs can only do one thing at a time. When they are working, they can’t do something else like running around… So now, where ever they go, she has to carry her own food and her own water.

Rottie mix carrying her own food

Rottie mix carrying her own food

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Fujifilm X-PRO2 & the ERF

The ERF, aka the Electronic Range Finder, is the mini-screen at the bottom right of the OVF, the Optical View Finder for the focus preview.

The ERF only works in the Optical View Finder mode, it doesn’t work in the Electronic Viewfinder mode. You select it by turning the Viewfinder selector, located on the upper front of the Fujifilm X-PRO2.

When you are in the single AF focus point, it will show the …

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She’s Late: West Vancouver, BC

This Golden Retriever likes to ‘dilly-dally’. She sniffs around, she looks at other dogs, she turns around, she sniffs some more and then she looks around if there’s something that she missed.

Meanwhile her owner is gone! He’s walking fast and she has to really run to catch-up…

Golden Retriever running to catch-up

Golden Retriever running to catch-up: West Vancouver, BC

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No Dog Parking: Whistler, BC

This sign is just in front of a popular eatery in Whistler, BC.

Many people go in the eatery and leave their dog outside.

It’s not just for a couple of minutes, we are talking one hour and more. I was there late last month and service was so slow, it took over an hour to get our food and then it took another 20 minutes to get the bill.

In spite of the sign, people still left dogs attached to the railing…

What an expression: ‘dog parking’. That’s not what I would use…

No 'dog parking' sign in Whistler, BC

No ‘Dog Parking’ Sign in Whistler, BC

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ExpoDisc White Balance

This guy is trying to photograph goslings that are hiding in the bush.

The weather was partially cloudy with some winds. So, every couple of minutes, this guy was taking his ExpoDisc out from his side pocket and re-metering his white balance.

Most of the time, I do not bother with the white balance, I have my camera set to daylight white balance. The problem is indoors when trying to balance flash with compact fluorescent or cheap LED lights. Then I have to decide:

  1. Overwhelm the ambient light with the flash and set the white balance to flash
  2. Set the white balance to the ambient light (fluorescent…) and just add a touch to flash to open the shadows.

I almost never set the white balance to auto, it will change from frame to frame and will make my work much harder.

expodisc white balance

Expodisc White Balance

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Flash Not Working

Both Godox and Cactus are coming with Fujifilm compatible flashes. But let’s agree that up to now, flash has not been a strong suit of Fujifilm X cameras. That’s why I still use my Canon set because I need to do events and it’s almost impossible to make photos quickly without a reliable TTL functionality.

Many people have problem with the flashes not working. The same happens in both TTL modes and …

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Ginormous Kong: Vancouver, BC

I’ve never seen such a big Kong.

The Boxer had been stealing other dogs balls and toys and now he wanted to steal the Kong from the other dog. The Pit Bull wasn’t going to let this happen.

The owner of the Boxer (I’m not sure that she was the owner or someone just looking after him) was afraid of the Boxer and the Boxer was doing whatever he wanted.

I left at that point because some other dog was harassing my dog and I could make photos and protect my dog at the same time.

Pit Bull with Ginormous Kong

Pit Bull with Ginormous Kong

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Guarding the Ball: Vancouver, BC

This Boxer stole the ball from another dog and didn’t want to play with his own ball. The owner of the ball wanted to get her ball back so she could leave, but the boxer was having none of it.

The owner of the Boxer (I’m not sure that she was the owner or just looking after him) was afraid of the Boxer.

Eventually, the Boxer abandoned the ball to try to steal a ginormous Kong from another dog.

This Boxer stole the ball

This Boxer stole the ball

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Snoopy: Vancouver, BC

He’s called Snoopy after Charlie Brown’s dog in Charles Shultz Peanuts.

Snoopy was also a World War I ace pilot flying on top of his dog house.

Snoopy is my favorite character on Charles Schulz’s Peanuts.

Snoopy: Vancouver, BC

Snoopy: Vancouver, BC

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