Lost His Left Eye: West Vancouver, BC

Bromy (I think that’s his name, that’s what I heard) lost his left eye when he was a puppy. Some kid was ‘playing’ with him and stuck a branch in his right eye.

He can still see, but his vision is not great. Now, he’s much more a ‘nose’ dog. He doesn’t see his food, he knows the place. If his owner moves the food bowl, he has to sniff to find it, he can’t go to it directly.

Lost his left eye

Lost his left eye. A kid ‘playing’…

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Battery Status

Fuji uses the Li-ion battery NP-W126 for the X-PRO2 (like the X-T1 and the X-T10) and the Li-ion battery NP-W126S for the X-T2/X-T20. The main difference between the 2 models of the battery is one of the chemical component is slightly different and doesn’t heat as much especially during the 4K video recording.

Fuji has an almost quick way of checking the percentage of the power left in your battery …

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A Well Balanced Lab

Labrador Retrievers (the Labs) are among the most popular dogs in North America. There’s a reason for it. ‘Well balanced’ Labs are a pleasure. ‘Well balanced’ Labs are mostly happy.

The owner was busy talking on the phone, so I do not know his name or his age, but I know that he’s ‘a good dog’. Notice how I’m right in front of him with my ‘monster eye’, aka the camera, and he is looking straight at me without any fear nor any aggression. This is a ‘very well balanced’ chocolate Labrador.

a well balanced Labrador Retriever

A Well Balanced Labrador Retriever

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Kathe with an Abandoned Papillon Dog

Kathe, a good friend of ours, found this little Papillon Dog in the forest not far from her ranch. Somebody took her to the forest and left her. The surprising part was that the dog was well taken care of, groomed and fed, so…

I like this photo of Kathe because it totally represents her. She is self effacing, but always ready to help and cannot resist an abandoned dog. Kathe is the person that is currently looking after Ethelbert and called us when Dodoïte was abandoned at her ranch.

Kathe with Abandoned Papillon

Kathe with Abandoned Papillon

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Electronic Range Finder

How to set the Electronic Range Finder on the Fujifilm X-PRO2?

  1. Switch from any AF mode to the single point mode.
  2. Push the viewfinder selector lever (at the front of the camera) to the left (as when you are looking through the viewfinder) to the Digital viewfinder and the X-PRO2 will display the Electronic Range Finder in the bottom right of the viewfinder.
  3. You can change the magnification of the section of the …
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Chihuahua mix: Vancouver, BC

Charlie is a 7 year old Chihuahua mix and he was adopted from a rescue.

How do they know the age? For my dog the vet said between 3 and 5 years old, when I took my dog to the vet for the first time to get him checked.

Charlie a 7 year old Chihuahua mix

Charlie a 7 year old Chihuahua mix

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Wile E. the Cat: Vancouver, BC

Wile E. under his favourite tripod/platform.

BTW, his name: ‘Wile E’ comes from Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner cartoons by Chuck Jones/Warner Brothers.

Wile E under his favourite tripod/platform

Wile E under his favourite tripod/platform

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Ministry of Silly Walks: Vancouver, BC

Some dogs must be on the Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walk payroll. On that Monty Python show, John Cleese interviews people who want grants for creating silly ways of walking.

Some dogs do have funny ways of walking, it’s mostly due to the breeding and the skeleton structure of their joints.

This Belgian Griffon definitely qualifies for the Ministry of Silly Walk. Some people called these dogs either Belgian Griffons or Brussels Griffon. Brussels is the capital of Belgium.

Ministry of funny walk with Belgian Griffon

Ministry of funny walk with Belgian Griffon

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Focus Check

Fuji has a quick way. You need to chimp.

  • In the play mode
  • Press the rear wheel
  • The image will zoom to the focus point, even if the focus point/area is not in the middle
  • You can move around with the joystick
  • To get out of the zoomed mode, to go back to the full view, press the rear wheel again
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Kayo: World Champion, Vancouver, BC

Kayo, a 3 legged dog

Kayo: World Champion

I was looking after Kayo for a week, and I noticed that the walks took a long time. Kayo has only one back leg, so you’d think that it’s because he’s hopping. Nooo! Not Kayo.

Kayo peed on every bush! Some people would think that ‘every bush’ is a figure of speech, not for Kayo! After a couple of days, I started counting. He peed 69 times in less …

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The Smirk: Vancouver, BC

To me, it looks like this Dachshund is smirking at me. It’s the smile, the tilt of the head and the ears that give that impression.

Doesn’t she look like a troublemaker?

The Smirk: Vancouver, BC

The Smirk: Vancouver, BC

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