Another Amazing Dog: Vancouver, BC

Australian Sheppard carrying soccer ball in his mouth

Australian Sheppard carrying soccer ball in his mouth

This dog, an Aussie aka an Australian Sheppard, is playing with a soccer ball. The amazing thing is not that he runs after it, but he also carries it.

He runs after the soccer ball and somehow manages to lift it can carry it in his mouth. He bites into it. The bite is strong enough to hold and lift the ball but not strong enough to …

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Focus Points

When using the zone focus or the wide-tracking focus, the display EVF or OVF shows multiple points that are supposed to be in focus. Why all these points?

In any of the area focus modes, the zone or the wide-tracking, the camera decides where to focus. Where to focus will depend on the which Fuji camera and which version of the firmware:

  • The older cameras and the older firmware will pick the focus based on …
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Busy Bee: Vancouver, BC

Busy bee

Busy bee: Vancouver, BC

I don’t know his name, his owner, a younger lady, was at the other end of the park talking with her friends.

He was a very busy bee, he went from bush to bush to pee on every single one. I don’t think that he missed a pole or a bush. Before the pee, he had to sniff it from one side, then from the other side…

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Happy Dog or What?

happy dog running

Happy Dog Running

This is a happy dog. Look at her face, her mouth and her eyes. This is a very happy dog, She loves running.

I couldn’t ask for her name, her owner was busy running.

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The Boss: Banff, AB

The Boss

The Boss

It’s spring in Banff, Alberta. The snow has melted, mostly, but the grass hasn’t grown yet, so everything is still brown. It will take about a month until the hills become green again.

This photo is just one family with the parents, four teenage daughters, and their two dogs.

The dog wasn’t just leading the pack, she was barking at them to “get moving” and deciding where to go. She …

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Greyhound Rescue: West Vancouver, BC

Greyhound rescue

Bingo, a Greyhound rescue

Bingo is a Greyhound rescue from Tijuana, Mexico. She only raced for a couple of years. She wasn’t fast enough so the “race people” got rid of her. The Greyhound rescue took her under their umbrella and eventually she ended in Canada. After 5 years, she still has problems with Canada and the West Coast.

  1. It’s Canada and the winters are harsh. She doesn’t like the cold.
  2. It …
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Earning Her Treats: Vancouver, BC

dog earning her treats

Earning Her Treats

This is January, the dead of Winter, in Vancouver. There’s still some grass and it’s green, not lush green but at least there’s no snow.

This dog has to work for her extras. She finished playing around with the other dogs and in/out of the water and now she has to conquer her fear of heights.

Her original name was Lassie and that got changed to Octavia. I forgot to ask why. Octavia is afraid of heights like stairs, tree trunks… She doesn’t have a great sense of equilibrium either. So her owner makes Octavia work and gives her small biscuits as payment.

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Who’s Running With Who?

Dog running with man on roller-blades

Dog v. Roller Blades

Some people run with their dog and some dog run with their owner. In this case, it’s clearly the dog that is running and the guy is trying to keep up on his roller blades. They were both going quite fast and it looked like the dog was pulling him as he was trying to keep up with his dog.

I was focusing on the dog and how she was …

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The Boss: Vancouver, BC

The boss: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Boss

In the doggy world, there’s always a boss. Whenever a person comes near and interact, the dog will reevaluate: who’s the boss? Whenever another comes near and interact, the dog will reevaluate: who’s the boss?

What’s the job of the boss?

  • The boss must make the decision of where to go
  • The boss must make the decision of when to go
  • The boss must decide for the members of …
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Fujifilm X-PRO2 & the Electronic Shutter

All the Fujifilm X-cameras have both a mechanical shutter and an electronic shutter.

The mechanical shutter has a range from 15 minutes to 1/4000 or 1/8000 of a second depending on the camera model. Switching to the Electronic shutter the maximum shutter speed is 1/32000 of a second.

A Fuji 24 megapixel cameras has 4032 rows of 6032 pixels.

  • The mechanical shutter allows for the processor to read the 4032 rows of …
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Daffy The Duck

A Doodle named Daffy The Duck

A Doodle named Daffy The Duck

This Doodle is pretty much a genetics experiment. This Doodle is a female and her name is Daffy The Duck.

Daffy Duck (without “The”) is a male black duck, with a white collar around his neck, that is obnoxious and totally self-centered cartoon duck in the 1940s, 1950s and the 60s from the Looney Tunes by the Warner Brothers studio with Tex Avery and Bob Clampett.

Her name became …

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