Tula An English Setter: Vancouver, BC

Tula, an English Setter

Tula, an English Setter

Tula is an English Setter. They are quite rare in my neck of the woods. She’s very beautiful dog but she’s another chicken in a doggy suit, see the The Great Chicken Conspiracy for more details.

There are two type of English Setters

  1. The hunting type
  2. The show type

The hunting type are smaller and stockier than the show type of English Setters. The show type also have longer …

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Let’s Get Mooving: Vancouver, BC

Dog pulling hard during the walk

Dog pulling hard during the walk

Let’s get ‘mooving’. The dog has to pull her owner.

Actually, I don’t think that we can say who’s owning who. The lady legally owns the dog, but the dog is definitely in charge and owns his human.

The problem is not that the dog is ahead of the human, that’s OK that’s the job of the ‘scout’ to be ahead and warn the …

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Shortcuts (continued)

Rear command dial

  • In AF mode: press the rear command dial briefly to get the magnified view.
  • In MF mode: press the rear command dial briefly to get the magnified view.
  • In MF mode: press the rear command dial for a full second and it will toggle though the 3 focus assist modes (standard, split, and focus peaking).

Q button

  • In shooting mode: press the Q button for a full 2 seconds to get to …
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In Sync: Vancouver, BC

dog and lady walking in sync

dog and lady walking in sync

Often when people walk their dog, they will walk in sync. left - left, right - right…

People often do the same with other people, but for that kind of walk, there needs to be some harmony between the dog and the person or between the various people. The dog has to work hard to walk in sync, their legs are much shorter than people’s leg.

I’m kneeling in …

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The Mexican Special: Vancouver, BC

Bo: a Mexican Mutt

Bo: a Mexican Mutt

This dog is the definition of a mutt. His name is Bo and he comes from a Mexican rescue, so his owners don’t know anything of his history. $500, landed in Vancouver, BC. His owners found him on Petfinder. Bo was found on the streets of Mexico City and he’s between 2 and 4 years old.

Bo loves to run. Bo needs to run a good half an hour …

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Rear Dial

The rear command dial only adjusts the shutter speed in either:

  • When the shutter speed dial (on top of the X-PRO2, the X-T2, the X-T20, the X-T1, or the X-T10) is set to T, then the rear command dial will select any shutter speed.

  • When you choose a shutter speed with the shutter speed dial (on top of the X-PRO2, the X-T2, the X-T20, the X-T1, or the X-T10), using the real command …

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Bamboo: Vancouver, BC

Bamboo, a 2 years old mutt

Bamboo loves Kale & Brussels Sprouts

Bamboo is a 2 years old mutt. She’s very nice and very polite. She doesn’t look at people or dogs in the eyes. She’s very quiet.

Bamboo is the proof that dogs do not come from the wolves. Dogs and wolves are distant cousins, just like humans do not come from the monkeys but we had a common ancestry about 250,000 years ago. Dogs and wolves …

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Deaf and Soon to be Blind: Vancouver, BC

totally deaf Pointer

Totally Deaf Pointer And Soon She’ll Be Blind

Freckles is a Pointer and she’s deaf. She doesn’t hear anything not even the thunder. Like most dogs, Freckles used to be scare from thunder and fireworks. She’s so deaf that now she doesn’t react anymore to either the thunder or the fireworks.

Her eyesight is also starting to fail her.

Pointer are hunting dogs that are used mostly for hunting birds …

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Shortcuts

Formatting the SD card

  1. Push Trash button for 2 sec
  2. Press the rear command dial.

This will bring the format menu asking for which slot, even if you have only one card in the camera.

View the battery status


  • Press the PLAYBACK button. Then either press the up or down button of the D-Pad. You will see the image and the battery status at the top right.
  • Press the DISP/BACK button, until you …
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Rusty, a Rambunctious Boxer: Vancouver, BC

Rusty, a Rambunctious Boxer

Rusty, a Rambunctious Boxer

Rusty is a very athletic Boxer. He jumps and wants to play. He’s big, he’s strong. He tries to still every toy from every other dog. Rusty is not an aggressive dog, but he pushes his way through. Dogs are supposed to be team players, not Rusty. With Rusty, there is no team, there’s only me and me.

If Rusty was left to his own devices in the …

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The Running Spirit and her Prize

Running Rough Collie

The Spirit and Her Prize

Her name is Spirit and she’s a Rough Collie, the Lassie type of Collie. She runs, runs, and runs. She loves to chase her ball. These Collies are supposed to be herding sheep in Scotland. Queen Victoria made the Rough Collie into a fashion statement, just like Queen Elizabeth II made the Corgi a luxury dog.

These Rough Collies are supposed to be able to cover 100 miles/160 …

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