A Very Uncooperative Cat: Vancouver, BC

cat on handler's shoulder

Puss-Puss on handler’s shoulder

Puss-Puss is a very uncooperative cat. He doesn’t want to have his photo taken. Never. It’s not that he has a bad day here and there. With Puss-Puss, everyday is a bad day when there’s a camera involved. Normally, I make my “Daffy Duck” imitation. They are always surprised and look to see what’s that sound.

No!… Not Puss-Puss. He was …

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Puppy With Grass Allergies

puppy with allergies walking in the tall grass

Puppy With Grass Allergies

This puppy was walking in the tall grass.

He was sniffing around, then sneezing a few times and then when he couldn’t see anything, he finally sneezed a couple of more times and then he could see again.

He was sniffing around, then sneezing a few times and then when he couldn’t see anything, he finally sneezed a couple of more times and then …

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Nkosa: The Prince

nkosa, the prince

Nkosa, The Prince

Nkosa was old, very old. I did his photos in his last few days. He passed away just a few weeks later. He was very weak, he couldn’t walk anymore.

I tried to show in this photo his dignity. Before this photo, Nkosa did a supreme effort to sit but after a couple of minutes, it was becoming too difficult. Then he laid down and he …

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Otis: The English Bulldog

white english bulldog

Otis, the English Bulldog, Vancouver, BC

Otis is an 8 years old English Bulldog. He looks the part, he’s nice and he’s just a stubborn as English Bulldogs are supposed to be. He uses his give to make himself a dead weight when he doesn’t want to move or go somewhere.

Otis is a calm and slow dog. He doesn’t walk fast, he saunters.

BTW, his …

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Happy Walter: Vancouver, BC

french bulldog running in the grass

French Bulldog Running in the Grass

Walter is a 3 years old French Bulldog. He never runs with a ball or without a ball or with a stick… He just never runs. My guess is because he cannot see well. He eventually had to have eye surgeries…

Somehow on that Sunday, for the first and his last time, he went running with the ball. He would run after the ball …

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Merlot: The “Sausage”

Dachshund at the park

Merlot, the sausage, aka a Daschund

Merlot, the “Sausage”, aka a smooth hair Dachshund, is doing well. He’s over 10 years old but at the park he needs to be on the leash. If not, he will “escape” and run around. In spite of his age, he’s very difficult to catch back. He runs, turns on dime, and he’s so low on the ground that it’s …

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Dog Missing In Action

front door with dog house

Front Door With Dog House

I really like this house’s front door. The dog house and the small bug next to the mat.

I liked it so much that eventually, I spoke with the owner of the house. They don’t have a dog, but they have an indoor cat. They never had a dog but the dog house is to balance the Roman bust.


Camera: Canon 7D …

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Whippet: Vancouver, BC

Whippet: Vancouver, BC

Elsie the Whippet

This is a Whippet, a curious whippet. Elsie wants to know what’s happening. She’s not sure.

  • Is it dangerous?
  • What’s this guy (me) doing on the ground? I’m kneeling
  • What about the dog next to him? It’s my dog

BTW #1: Whippets is also the slang nitrous oxide, aka laughing gas, and it’s not always funny. Just ask Demi Moore who …

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Lily, The Boss: Vancouver, BC

Lily is a 9 years Bulldog and she runs the clinic

Lily: Vancouver, BC

Lily is a 9 years old Boxer. She’s the boss. She runs the show.

She operates the booking and billing software of the vet place: Cambie Animal Clinic, here in Vancouver. Her typing is quite slow, it’s only one letter at a time, her biggest problem is answering the phone ;)

I’m joking, but Lily likes to jump on the chair because:

  1. It’s not …
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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Simple Video Settings

Fuji cameras are not known for their video. Now the Fuji X-T3 has the “video chops”, but the rest of the Fuji cameras? It’s so, so. With these settings, you can get more than “decent” videos.

The simplest video settings are

  • set the ISO to auto
  • set the shutter speed to auto
  • set the aperture to auto
  • set the film simulation to whatever you like
  • set the focus to …
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The Dog Bar: Mont Tremblant, Quebec

the dog bar

The Dog Bar

I have never heard this expression before either in French or in English.

This is a running water tray for dogs in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. This fire hydrant/water dish is at the front of a pet store that sells treats/biscuits and pets toys, mostly for dogs.

This was in June and Mont Tremblant wasn’t busy, it’s still just a ski destination, they haven’t …

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