Dog Missing In Action

front door with dog house

Front Door With Dog House

I really like this house’s front door. The dog house and the small bug next to the mat.

I liked it so much that eventually, I spoke with the owner of the house. They don’t have a dog, but they have an indoor cat. They never had a dog but the dog house is to balance the Roman bust.


Camera: Canon 7D …

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Whippet: Vancouver, BC

Whippet: Vancouver, BC

Elsie the Whippet

This is a Whippet, a curious whippet. Elsie wants to know what’s happening. She’s not sure.

  • Is it dangerous?
  • What’s this guy (me) doing on the ground? I’m kneeling
  • What about the dog next to him? It’s my dog

BTW #1: Whippets is also the slang nitrous oxide, aka laughing gas, and it’s not always funny. Just ask Demi Moore who …

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Lily, The Boss: Vancouver, BC

Lily is a 9 years Bulldog and she runs the clinic

Lily: Vancouver, BC

Lily is a 9 years old Boxer. She’s the boss. She runs the show.

She operates the booking and billing software of the vet place: Cambie Animal Clinic, here in Vancouver. Her typing is quite slow, it’s only one letter at a time, her biggest problem is answering the phone ;)

I’m joking, but Lily likes to jump on the chair because:

  1. It’s not …
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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Simple Video Settings

Fuji cameras are not known for their video. Now the Fuji X-T3 has the “video chops”, but the rest of the Fuji cameras? It’s so, so. With these settings, you can get more than “decent” videos.

The simplest video settings are

  • set the ISO to auto
  • set the shutter speed to auto
  • set the aperture to auto
  • set the film simulation to whatever you like
  • set the focus to …
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The Dog Bar: Mont Tremblant, Quebec

the dog bar

The Dog Bar

I have never heard this expression before either in French or in English.

This is a running water tray for dogs in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. This fire hydrant/water dish is at the front of a pet store that sells treats/biscuits and pets toys, mostly for dogs.

This was in June and Mont Tremblant wasn’t busy, it’s still just a ski destination, they haven’t …

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Snootsy: Vancouver, BC

15 years old Dachshund

Snootsy: a 15 years old Dachshund

Snootsy is a 15 years old ‘sausage’, aka a Dachshund.

Snootsy looks very goods for a 15 years old dog. He goes around and on occasion he still runs. We are not talking Speedy Gonzales (this is a reference to a Loony Tunes cartoon character from the 1950s), but a 15 years old dog.

Snootsy’s main problem is eating his food. If the …

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Saluki Soaking the Sun

saluki: hadden park — vancouver, bc


This Saluki was born in Afghanistan, he’s not very happy in Canada, the weather’s not very warm,, so whenever he comes to the beach, he lays in the warm sand and soaks the sun.

The guy said, that it was a street dog and his wife, working as part of a NGO in Afghanistan, brought him to Canada.

When I asked about his dog being so skinny …

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Harley: Vancouver, BC

big and rambunctious dog running

Harley is a Big and Rambunctious Dog

Harley is a big and rambunctious dog. He’s big and he knows it. He uses his size to get what he wants.

Larry, his owner actually it’s more the other way around and Larry is Harley’s property, is not allow to talk to me, because when he talks to me he can’t throw the ball.

When Harley came back …

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Waiting @ Granville Island

dog tied to pole waiting at granville island

Dog Waiting at Granville Island

Granville Island is one of the top touristic destination in Vancouver, BC. Before, “in the good old days”, it was mostly locals that went to Granville Island to do their grocery shopping. Nowadays, it’s mostly tourists especially in the summer.

This was in September and somebody brought their dog, went in to do some shopping. Usually most of the dogs are very unhappy, either …

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It’s Not Her Dog

person holding and hugging a french bulldog

It’s Not Her Dog

This person works in the cafe, Elysee Coffee. One of the customer left her French Bulldog, aka a Frenchie, outside so she went out and starting hugging the Frenchie. When she saw me kneeling to take the photo, she turned the “beast” around and ta-dah…

BTW, you can see my dog’s reflection in the window on the right side as he waits patiently for …

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The Lion in Winter: Vancouver, BC

copcker spaniel in need of a hair clip

Cocker Spaniel or Lion?

This Cocker Spaniel is in serious need of a good clip. Sam hasn’t had his (I think that’s it’s a him) hair cut in quite a few month, but he’s well kept. Everyday, he get a vigorous raking. The rake is stronger than a brush and it has only one row of “teeth”.

Sam, the cocker spaniel, reminds me of the movie …

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