2 Iggies: Vancouver, BC

Iggy is the common name for the I.G, aka the Italian Greyhound. Iggies look cute, they are small, skinny and huge bulging eyes on top of a sleek pointed nose. They look good. They also have a nice friendly temperament.

In spite of their long nose, like all Greyhounds they hunt by sight. That’s why at dog races they have a mechanical rabbit along the inside rail to get the dogs to chase it.

2 iggies walking around on the Seawall

2 iggies walking around on the Seawall

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Picking Up the Ball: Vancouver, BC

This Border Collie doesn’t run after the ball, he walks while looking at the ball and if he loose sight of the ball then the walk becomes a brisk walk.

He picks up the ball, walks back to his owner who immediately throws the ball again…

Border Collie picking up the ball

Border Collie picking up the ball

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Old and Still Running Around: West Vancouver, BC

She’s mostly a Rhodesian Ridgeback, but she doesn’t have the ridge. Her owners think that she’s not a pure Rhodesian Ridgeback. She almost 11 years old (which is quite old for Rhodesian Ridgebacks) and she still loves to run around. On her collar, she has a little trinket that is both a small bell and an iPhone tracking device.

She runs and often goes into the bushes or the woods. So her owners have to search for her and it’s easier to find her with the little jingling bell. What about the iPhone tracking device? There are a lot of dead spots in the mountains and the forests.

BTW, they told me her name but by the time I remembered to write it down, I forgot…

old Rhodesian Ridgeback but still running around

Old Rhodesian Ridgeback But Still Running Around

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Dog Encounters: West Vancouver, BC

It’s quite unusual for dogs to meet and immediately go nose to nose, they will usually go around each other and then sniff each other’s butt, just like the white dog.

When Dodoïte, my dog — in the middle (pronounced “dodo ite”), is in a ‘good mood’, he becomes ‘a serial humper’. He will hump male dogs and female dogs…

Dogs sniffing each other, nose to nose

Dogs sniffing each other, nose to nose

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New Ways of Using a Tripod

I’m not sure what he’s trying to achieve.

Either he’s trying to balance the camera (a Canon 7DmkII with a 16-35mm L lens) like a Steadicam with the tripod being the counter weight or just plain and simple he can’t be bother closing the tripod.

I wonder if it works. Could I use my tripod at arms length and use a small open tripod to counter-weight the movements?

New way of using a tripod

New way of using a tripod

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The Terrier Gang: Vancouver, BC

I don’t know how this lady is doing it. She has 3 terriers. They are not barking. They are working and they are walking with her. They are ignoring all the other dogs around, including mine which at my side.

Usually when there is a group of terriers, they will bark and hunt any other dog that dares to walk nearby.

3 terriers working

3 Terriers Working

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This photographer carries $22,000 on his shoulder:

  • Canon 1Dmk4
  • Canon 500mm f/4 Mk2
  • Gitzo tripod
  • Wemberly gimball head
  • Nikon binoculars

BTW, this was not a good day for photographing birds.

This photographer carries $22,000 on his shoulder

$149 Wedding: Burnaby, BC

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Tired: Vancouver, BC

This guy was throwing the ball for his dog, then she slowed down, now they are taking a break.

I don’t know which one is more tired than the other or both are tired of throwing and running after the ball.

Tired after running after the ball

Tired after running after the ball

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A Very Patient Wife

What every photographer needs is a very patient wife that:

  1. Puts up with the: ‘Just one more’, ‘Just a second, it’s a great light…’
  2. Understands why her husband needs to spend thousandS of dollars on toys…

BTW, this uses a Canon T4 Rebel with a ‘Big Ma’, the Sigma 50-500mm.

Photographer with a very patient wife

Photographer with a very patient wife

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Taking a Break: Vancouver, BC

This young Bernese Mountain Dog with the lady was going crazy at the dog park. He was jumping on every dog and he was standing up on almost everybody. Nothing mean, just a rambunctious huge puppy.

So she took him of the dog park and on the side where he was calming down. It wasn’t as a punishment, it was just a: lets take a rest… Then this guy came with his dog and sat down to have a conversation.

Young Bernese Mountain Dog taking a break

Young Bernese Mountain Dog taking a break

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Brindle Frenchie: Vancouver, BC

Frenchies, aka French Bull Dogs (because they became popular and famous in France), are often ‘crazy’. They run, they twirl, they wind themselves up and when they get tired they will often fall asleep wherever they are.

This Frenchie was running after his ball. When he got tired, he went ‘on strike’, laid there on the grass. A few minutes later after “recharging his batteries”, he was at it again.

Frenchie running with his ball

Frenchie running with his ball

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Taking Photos with 2 Cameras at the Same Time

This lady is taking photos with both her smartphone (some kind of Android) and her point and shoot camera at the same time.

It’s not one camera, then the other. She carried both and pressed on the shutter at the same time. Impressive!

Taking photos with 2 cameras at the same time

Taking Photos with 2 Cameras at the Same Time

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Running & Jumping: Vancouver, BC

This dog was running and jumping to catch the ball. None stop, no break. As soon as he brought the ball back his owner was throwing it again.

No name, no type of dog… His owner was talking on his cell phone in Spanish and only stop for throwing the tennis ball.

Dog running and jumping to catch is ball

Dog running and jumping to catch is ball

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Tired Corgi: West Vancouver, BC

She was tired from running around. This is a very large grass field with many dogs running and she was running after every dog. Then she ‘submarine’ under every dog and sniff them. One of the benefit of being a ‘shortie’.

Even with me kneeling on ground, I was still towering above her. I should have lied down on the wet grass…

I couldn’t ask for her name or how old she is, her owners were busy talking on the other side of the grass field.

Tired corgi: West Vancouver, BC

Tired Corgi

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Blurry Photos

I spoke to this lady after she took her ‘blurry’ photos. She was very unhappy with her Canon camera and she was talking about switching to Nikon. She was blaming the camera.

The main problem with her Canon camera was how she was holding her camera and her lens.

She was trying to zoom with her left hand by holding the lens from the side. Basically, she was holding the full weight of the camera/lens with her right hand. Of course, her photos would be blurry, the camera was moving too much.

As photographers, we are supposed to be tucking the elbow into the stomach to give it additional support.

Canon camera taking blurry photos

Canon camera taking blurry photos

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Fearless: Vancouver, BC

I was kneeling on the ground with my camera and the ‘serious’ lens. It’s a big piece of glass. I was only 4.5 meters/14 feet away. Most dogs go to the side, turn their head and/or their eyes away. Not her.

Fearless dog

Fearless dog

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Being Leashed Up: Vancouver, BC

I was testing a brand new lens, the Canon 40mm f/2.8. It’s a pancake lens, it’s small and flat.

I saw this lady walking with her dog. I did my usual, kneel with one knee on the ground and wait for the dog to come to me. She saw me do that and stopped immediately.

I thought that she didn’t want me to take any photo (sometimes, it happens) but she started to leash her dog. I think that she said that she’s working for the city, but I’m not sure because it was quite noisy around.

Dog being leashed

Being Leashed

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