Fierce & Determined: Vancouver, BC

This dog looks so fierce and determined. Nobody and nothing was going to stop her. I don’t know where she was going or who she was with. I didn’t see anybody that was obviously looking like a dog owner without a dog.

fierce and determined dog on her way

Fierce and Determined on Her Way

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Nikon D3s v. Sony P&S

This guy tried to take photos with his Nikon D3s with a ‘big telephoto’, and here comes the Sony Point and Shoot to the rescue. He tried to take some photos with his Nikon D3s. That didn’t work, so he got his Sony Point and Shoot from his pocket and started taking photos.

This time: Sony: 1, Nikon: 0: convenience and versatility won the day.

Nikon D3s v. Sony P&S

Nikon D3s v. Sony P&S

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Self Injury: Vancouver, BC

This Weimaraner was licking his foot so much, that it became raw. Now he has to wear a boot on his front right paw and he hates it. He even tries to remove the boot by chewing on it.

He’s such a high strung dog, that he’s just skin and bones in spite of eating all of his food. His owner took to the vet who said that the only way was to put him on tranquilizers…

Weimaraner with a boot because he licked his foot too much

Weimaraner With Red Boot

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Dog vs Bicycle: Vancouver, BC

I have never been able to bike with my dogs.

It’s much easier to blame it on the dogs rather than blame myself. All of my dogs have been rescues and problem dogs. But, I’m sure that it as much my problem as the dog. My first two dogs were pulling too much and I couldn’t even start riding. And now every now and then my Dodoïte (my current dog) get so scared/startled that he pulls and starts running… So I gave up riding my bike.

Dog running with his owner while biking

Dog Running With His Owner While Biking

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Another Halti: Vancouver, BC

She must be a ‘puller’ during the walks. She wears a leash on the nose. It’s called a Halti. She’s learning not to pull on the leash.

The theory is:

  1. The dog has less strength to pull when the leash is on the bridge of the nose.
  2. If the dog pulls, it will hurt a very sensitive part of the their body. So they will try to avoid pulling.

In practice, it somewhat works. I used a Halti with my first dog. He was such a ‘puller’ (he wanted to get the walk over as quickly as possible and go back home). He quickly learned that if he twisted his head a little bit up and about 30° left, he was locking the leash and he could pull almost as hard as a regular collar/leash. It took him 10 years to almost stop pulling.

All these years later, I still have the shoulders and elbow injuries from my first dog pulling like a maniac…

Another dog wearing a halti

Dog with Halti: Vancouver, BC

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Must Be The Most Expensive Camera Bag

Imelda Marcos, the wife of the ex-president of the Philippine, was famous for having a closet the size of a room with the walls having 1000s of shoes.

I’m not as bad with camera bags but I can always look…

I found this bag on Amazon on 6-Aug-2016: Looks like a ‘cheap’ bag but at: $7,729.31 plus you have to pay for the shipping.

I know that the Canadian Dollar has been slipping because of the low prices of oil, but it’s still $5,929.15 USD!

Envoy compact messenger bag

Envoy compact messenger bag

By 10-Aug-2016, the price went down to $6,393.80

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I Have the Ball: Vancouver BC

She was in no rush once she caught the ball. She was strutting back to return the ball so she could chase the ball again.

BTW, she’s not as old as she looks. She’s only 7 years old.

Dog strutting with ball

I Have The Ball

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Guarding the Land Rover: Vancouver, BC

This Border Collie is guarding the Land Rover, kind of. Not once did s/he bark.

Often dogs, in cars, will show courage and bark at people that are close to the car, especially if they walk by with their own dog, like I did. I circled (almost) the car, front, back and side, he kept on looking at me, but not a peep.

BTW #1, this photo was taken in November, on a grey and cloudy day, so this dog was not in the ‘green toaster’.

BTW #2, everything has a slight green tinge. That’s because it’s a green Land Rover, even the windows are tinted green.

Guarding the Land Rover: Vancouver, BC

Guarding the Land Rover: Vancouver, BC

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How Low Can You Go?

Nigel uses a Canon 50D, a Canon 300L f/4 with a TC 1.4. He doesn’t need any stabilization… In this case no tripod…, just a small piece of foam underneath and on the side of the lens to make sure that the lens doesn’t end-up in the water.

Here are some of his photos on Flickr:

I have only one word: Amazing!

BTW, Not too long ago, Nigel upgraded to a Canon 5D MkIII with a Canon 500L/f4 and the TC 1.4mkIII.

Photographer laying down almost in the water

How Low Can He Go?

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Jumping Around: Vancouver, BC

Charlie is small and short. She loves jumping. Always trying to be higher than the ground. The only reason that she’s not on the top stair is because of her owner.

She likes sniffing around, she likes playing and she listens to her owner most of the time. She’s the perfect example of what a good dog should be, bully breed or not. What a nice and pleasant dog.

Charlie is always trying to be higher than the ground

Charlie is always trying to be higher up

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Lizzy: Vancouver, BC

Lizzy, is short for Elizabeth. She’s only 9 month old and she’s a ‘terror’.

She doesn’t look like one right now. It’s because there are strangers around (like me) but then she quickly forgets… That’s when she starts ripping things, chewing branches, furniture, books…

Lizzy is a 9 month old 'terror'

Lizzy: Vancouver, BC

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No Time To Setup

This photographer decided that he couldn’t take the time to set and open his tripod, so he’s using it like a monopod. It might work because he’s also leaning against the fence.

His tripod is an old aluminum Manfrotto tripod from the 1970s (meaning it’s very heavy). I have the same one, but without the foam around the legs. There is no model number on mine, but they look identical.

Using a tripod as a monopd

Using A Tripod As A Monopd

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Old English Sheepdog: Delta, BC

This female photographer (Ursula) is hand holding a Sigma 50-500 at 500mm. Impressive.

Notice how good Farley, an Old English Sheepdog, is. He waits and he waits very patiently, while she takes photos of the snowy owls that migrated fron the artic to our area.

Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog

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Handle Bars: Vancouver, BC

I have not decided to which the handle bars refer to. The man with the handle bar mustache or the dog riding on the handle bar of the bicycle.

Man with handle bar mustache v dog on bicycle carrier

Man with handle bar mustache v dog on bicycle carrier

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Pedro, the Rescue: Vancouver, BC

Pedro is a Mexican rescue dog. According to the vet, he’s between 2 and 3 years old.

Somebody else brought Pedro to Canada and kept him for a few month. Eventually they didn’t keep him (his owner didn’t say why) but now somebody with a good heart is now taking good care of Pedro.

The main problem is the tongue. Sometimes the tongue hanging out so much that Pedro can trip over it ;). Except for that, Pedro loves running and he’s a fantastic character.

Pedro, the Rescue

Pedro, the Rescue

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Photographer v. Pigeons

It’s difficult to take photos while feeding the pigeons.

Many people do not like pigeons, they call them rats with wings.

Photographer v. pigeons

Photographer v. pigeons

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Pit Bull @work: Vancouver, BC

This American Staffordshire Terrier, aka a Pit Bull, is working very hard and giving her best to catch her enemy: the tennis ball.

She runs, she jumps, she catches, returns the ball and her owner with one hand talks on his cell phone and throws the ball with his other hand. So I have no idea about how old she is and what’s her name.

But, her owner was talking loud enough for me to hear him say to whoever he was talking to, on the phone, that somebody (me) is talking photos of his dog.

Pit Bull @work

Pit Bull @work

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Italian Greyhound Jogging: Vancouver, BC

The Italian Greyhound is the small one of the Greyhound family. In decreasing size order, there’s the Greyhound, then the Whippet and finally the Italian Greyhound. The problem with these dogs is that ‘there’s no meat!’. They are so skinny that if there is the slightest cooler wind, they will get chilled and…

For me, to be a ‘real dog’, the dog must have a nose, ears and a tail. Italian Greyhounds fully qualify.

Isn’t she cute?

cute Italian Greyhound jogging

Cute Italian Greyhound Jogging

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