Taking a Break: Vancouver, BC

This young Bernese Mountain Dog with the lady was going crazy at the dog park. He was jumping on every dog and he was standing up on almost everybody. Nothing mean, just a rambunctious huge puppy.

So she took him of the dog park and on the side where he was calming down. It wasn’t as a punishment, it was just a: lets take a rest… Then this guy came with his dog and sat down to have a conversation.

Young Bernese Mountain Dog taking a break

Young Bernese Mountain Dog taking a break

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Brindle Frenchie: Vancouver, BC

Frenchies, aka French Bull Dogs (because they became popular and famous in France), are often ‘crazy’. They run, they twirl, they wind themselves up and when they get tired they will often fall asleep wherever they are.

This Frenchie was running after his ball. When he got tired, he went ‘on strike’, laid there on the grass. A few minutes later after “recharging his batteries”, he was at it again.

Frenchie running with his ball

Frenchie running with his ball

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Taking Photos with 2 Cameras at the Same Time

This lady is taking photos with both her smartphone (some kind of Android) and her point and shoot camera at the same time.

It’s not one camera, then the other. She carried both and pressed on the shutter at the same time. Impressive!

Taking photos with 2 cameras at the same time

Taking Photos with 2 Cameras at the Same Time

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Running & Jumping: Vancouver, BC

This dog was running and jumping to catch the ball. None stop, no break. As soon as he brought the ball back his owner was throwing it again.

No name, no type of dog… His owner was talking on his cell phone in Spanish and only stop for throwing the tennis ball.

Dog running and jumping to catch is ball

Dog running and jumping to catch is ball

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Tired Corgi: West Vancouver, BC

She was tired from running around. This is a very large grass field with many dogs running and she was running after every dog. Then she ‘submarine’ under every dog and sniff them. One of the benefit of being a ‘shortie’.

Even with me kneeling on ground, I was still towering above her. I should have lied down on the wet grass…

I couldn’t ask for her name or how old she is, her owners were busy talking on the other side of the grass field.

Tired corgi: West Vancouver, BC

Tired Corgi

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Blurry Photos

I spoke to this lady after she took her ‘blurry’ photos. She was very unhappy with her Canon camera and she was talking about switching to Nikon. She was blaming the camera.

The main problem with her Canon camera was how she was holding her camera and her lens.

She was trying to zoom with her left hand by holding the lens from the side. Basically, she was holding the full weight of the camera/lens with her right hand. Of course, her photos would be blurry, the camera was moving too much.

As photographers, we are supposed to be tucking the elbow into the stomach to give it additional support.

Canon camera taking blurry photos

Canon camera taking blurry photos

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Fearless: Vancouver, BC

I was kneeling on the ground with my camera and the ‘serious’ lens. It’s a big piece of glass. I was only 4.5 meters/14 feet away. Most dogs go to the side, turn their head and/or their eyes away. Not her.

Fearless dog

Fearless dog

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Being Leashed Up: Vancouver, BC

I was testing a brand new lens, the Canon 40mm f/2.8. It’s a pancake lens, it’s small and flat.

I saw this lady walking with her dog. I did my usual, kneel with one knee on the ground and wait for the dog to come to me. She saw me do that and stopped immediately.

I thought that she didn’t want me to take any photo (sometimes, it happens) but she started to leash her dog. I think that she said that she’s working for the city, but I’m not sure because it was quite noisy around.

Dog being leashed

Being Leashed

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Lost Her Ball: West Vancouver, BC

That’s it, they are going home. There’s nothing else to do, she lost her tennis ball.

She was playing somewhere in the bush while carrying her ball and when she came out of the bushes she had no tennis ball. Her owner looked around and couldn’t find it, so now they are going home.

BTW, her owner told me her name but I forgot to write it down…

She lost her tennis ball, so now they are going home

Louise or Luis, a Small One And Half Year Old Female Husky: Vancouver, BC

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Chinese Photographers

This group of Chinese photographers came from China to Canada for some photo tour. This is the end of March and it’s still cold, but they are all trying to get photos of the local Hummingbirds.

From what I gathered, they flew from China to Vancouver, they are spending a few days around Vancouver, then their next step is Whistler. From Whistler they will go to Banff and the Rockies and finally end their photo tour in Calgary.

A couple of the people in the group spoke some English but they had a local tour guide that was waiting by the mini-bus.

Group of Chinese photographer trying to photograph hummingbirds

Group of Chinese photographer trying to photograph hummingbirds

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Yoda, Born to be Wild: Vancouver, BC

His owner has upgraded from a bicycle with a little sidecar for Yoda, still the German WWI style, to a small electrical scooter with the same German WWI decorations. So now Yoda rides shotgun on the little platform in the middle. Yoda doesn’t move, just turns his head left or right…

Yoda’s getting older. He’s still a very nice and polite dog. He hasn’t tried to come and sniff my dog who’s standing behind me. Yoda is leashed to the glove box under the handle bars.

And yes, the name Yoda is from the Star Wars movies.

Yoda, the Pug: Vancouver, BC

Yoda, the Pug: Vancouver, BC

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The Tricycle: Vancouver, BC

From this closeup, you’d think that this is some kind of scooter or motorcycle. No it’s not. It’s pedal tricycle.

It does look cool, but it’s very hard to maneuver. It took her quite a few tries to turn around while on the bike. It would have been easier to get off the bike, push forward, push backward and turn…

I tried to ask for her dog’s name but she just smiled and pedaled away.

Lady and dog on a large tricyle

Lady and dog on a large tricyle

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Black Cocker Spaniel Jogging: Vancouver, BC

It’s not too often that I see Cocker Spaniels running. It’s mostly older people and indoor people that have that type of dog.

Cocker Spaniels are supposed to be hunting dogs. They specialized in hunting Woodcocks, hence their name.

These are very famous dogs. In 1955, Disney used a female Cocker Spaniel for the female lead of Lady and the Tramp.

Black Cocker Spaniel running and having fun

Black Cocker Spaniel running and having fun

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Photographer With Muscles of Steel

This photographer is at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary and he uses a Canon 7D with Canon 500mmL /f4. Great camera, great combo but handheld?

I tried to ask him some how he was doing it but he didn’t seem to understand when I tried to speak with him.

I know that the Image Stabilization built in the Canon 500mmL is good, but it’s not that good. I know I’ve tried. Also, he must have muscles of steel to be able to keep the 8.5lbs almost 4kg plus the camera at arms length steady enough to make decent photos…

photographer with muscles of steel

Photographer with muscles of steel

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Unhappy Camper: Vancouver, BC

She didn’t like at all that I took her photo. She was laying on the stairs with her owner during the lunch brake.

Most likely, she didn’t like the sound of the shutter of the camera.

The nice thing about stairs is that dogs can’t run or move easily with stairs. They can fly up and down a set of stairs but only if they start from the top of the stairs or from the bottom of the stairs. If they are seating or laying down on a stair, it will take them a while to get in position to move.

Dog unhappy that I'm taking her photo

Dog unhappy that I’m taking her photo

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A Fake Labradoodle: Vancouver, BC

Georgia is a fake!

Georgia was supposed to a Labradoodle and her owners paid the full price.

Labradoodle are supposed to be a cross between Labradors and Poodles, so people can get the character of the Labrador with the hypo-allergenic qualities of the Poodle. But it doesn’t always work that way…

In anyway, Georgia which slightly more than a year old is not a real Labradoodle. She’s a fake. There is no Labrador in her… Her owners got her DNA tested and the Labrador was missing in action. (I forgot to ask why they got her DNA tested).

She’s still a very nice dog and she loves to run.

Georgia is supposed to be a Labradoodle

Georgia is supposed to be a Labradoodle

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Seahawks Beagle: Vancouver, BC

An American couple came to Vancouver, BC, with their Beagle. They got him a child Seahawks tee-shirt to cover his stitches after surgery.

He didn’t take him long to recover from the surgery and he started running around soon afterwards.

Running Beagle with Seahawks Jersey

Running Beagle with Seahawks Jersey

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The Photographic Dance

This guy is using a Canon 7D with the Canon 100-400L zoom lens.

He’s fully zoomed but he still could not get the ‘right’ look. So he started to bend his knees and up/down a few times until he seems to have found the ‘correct’ height.

My problem with this dance is that sometimes I get ‘stuck’ and then it’s very difficult to stand up. My preference is much lower to the ground, so I have some carpenter kneepad for my right knee.

A photographer doing the photographic dance

A photographer doing the photographic dance

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