First Encounter: West Vancouver, BC

This is the first time that these two dogs meet each other. How will they react to each other?

  1. There is some aggression in the dog on the right (my dog). It’s a low level aggression combined with excitement. Look at the ears, they are almost backward reducing the aggression signal of the high tail.
  2. There is a willingness from the Corgi (the dog on the left) to go nose to nose and encounter whatever will come.

Going nose to nose is not the polite doggy way of introducing dogs to each other.

2 dogs meeting for the first time

2 dogs meeting for the first time

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What The Hell Am I doing?

This young Chow Chow is wondering what the hell am I doing.

I’m bent in two with my camera almost on the ground taking his photo. His owner is pulling the leash to get him moving, but he doesn’t understand what am doing? Usually dogs are scared of my camera but not in this case. It’s small and it’s almost on the ground. He doesn’t even know that the camera is there.

Young Chow Chow is wondering what the hell am I doing

Young Chow Chow is wondering what the hell am I doing

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Mine’s bigger than yours

The winner of the tele photo wars is the guy in the middle, between the Canon 500 at the front and the Minolta 600 at the back, with the small narrow white tube. It’s a 1200mm digiscope. He has it mounted on an Olympus m4/3!

The 1200mm digiscope on a micro-4/3rd camera gives him a whopping 2400mm lens. So he works at f/11 with an ISO that oscillates between ISO 1600 and ISO 3200.

photographer with a 1200mm mounted on his Olympus camera

Photographer with a 1200mm mounted on his Olympus camera

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Going For The Sniff: Vancouver, BC

Why do dogs sniff each other’s butt?

They’ve been sniffing around in the neighborhood and now they need to know who was marking the territory. The dog that pees higher on the tree, the fire hydrant or the pole is the ‘top dog’.

I used to look after a dog that only had 1 rear leg, so he could tilt his hip and pee up, so no other dog could be on top of his pee.

That’s how dogs use the power of advertising!

2 dogs sniffing each other

2 dogs sniffing each other

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Behind the Couch: Vancouver, BC

This was a cold October morning and this dog was looking through the window from the couch.

I’m not sure that he wanted to go out into the freezing cold…

Looking outside from behind the couch

Looking outside from behind the couch

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Missing Cat Sign: Vancouver, BC

Helios, the cat, has gone missing. There are a lot of missing cat signs. The problem is that it’s very unlikely that they will ever find him. If Helios’ owners can find him with a couple of days of him disappearing then they are OK.

The problem is that in my neighbourhood, almost all of these missing cats have been coyotes’ dinners. We have a very large park and many smaller parks in the neighborhood and there are quite a few coyotes. I’ve encountered a few myself. Single coyote during the day but often as a pair at night.

The last time my dog and I encounters a pair of them, I had to make a lot of noise and wave my arms around. The pair of coyote was considering my dog as a potential dinner. I convinced them otherwise…

BTW, the phone numbers are not Vancouver phone numbers.

Another missing cat sign

Another Missing Cat Sign

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Toby: 4 month old Jack Russell

Toby’s only 4 month old and he will be a ‘real terror’. He needs his exercise. And we not talking a 10 minutes walk or even an hour walk.

Right now, he needs to run like that for an hour and he’s only 4 month old. What will happen when he’s a couple of years old? ‘When he’ll be in his prime’?

A dog like that is far too much work for somebody like me.

4 month old Jack Russell full of energy

Toby: 4 month old Jack Russell

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Hunting Snowy Owls

The previous summer was extremely rich in mice, rodents…. in the arctic. The Snowy Owls had many off-springs. They couldn’t deal with the 40 and 50 below 0 (both in Fahrenheit and in Celsius), so they moved south to near our location. 24 of them!

They had the news on the TV and the photographers started to hunt them. Hundreds of them (btw, this includes me who was also there). The word hunt is not an understatement. Snowy Owls, hunt at night and sleep during the day.

I staid on the pathway trying not to disturb them too much. Many photographers decided to surround them and close in before the attack. This is one of the group.

BTW, the vast majority of the people were using Canon and most of them were either using the 500mm f/4 or the 100-400 f/4.5-5.6.

Photographers hunting and disturbing snowy owls

Photographers hunting snowy owls

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Xmas is Coming: Vancouver, BC

It’s November and people are starting to put out the Xmas decorations.

I know that it’s a small teddy bear, but at first I thought that it was a small stuffed dog.

Xmas decorations and a small teddy bear looking like a small dog

Small teddy bear looking like a small dog

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Great Japanese Dog: Vancouver, BC

Beautiful dog. I’ve always been impressed by their strength and their dignity, but friendliness is not one of their strength.

I have a policy, if a dog comes and sniff my dog/chicken:

  1. They have to be calm and composed.
  2. Before the sniff, I have to pet them to assess their calmness.

Sometimes, they are not happy that they first have to deal with me first. This Akita was not happy, but eventually he put up with my rules.


Great Japanese Dog

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Point and Shoot

The guy (the photographer) staid in this position for a good 10 minutes. He was yelling (actually a very loud voice) to the lady to hold it up, put it down, turn…

It looks like the lady is holding some kind of rubber chicken in her hand.

Photographer doing the spread

Photographer doing the spread

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Her Stick: West Vancouver, BC

This Golden Lab picked up this huge piece of wood from the beach. And she was not letting it go. It didn’t matter if any other dog was coming close. She was not dropping it even for sniffing another dog.

Everybody was getting out of the Golden Lab.

Her owner was muttering something. I could hear because I was too busy taking the photo and laughing my head off.

Golden Lab carrying a huge stick

Golden Lab carrying a huge stick bigger than her

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Coco Channel: West Vancouver, BC

This is Coco. She mostly a Maltese, and her name comes from Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel better known as Coco Chanel, the French fashion company founder.

Coco’s owner loves the No 5 perfume and even has a few Chanel suits.

Coco is mostly a Maltese

Coco is mostly a Maltese

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Eating the Grass: West Vancouver, BC

Often dogs eat grass like this Bernese Mountain dog, who’s still a puppy. He’s 11 month old and has a German name that I didn’t understand.

Either he:

  • Has some nutritional deficiencies
  • Has an upset stomach
  • Is bored and has nothing else to do

The “most important” question is:

Does the dog throw up grass afterward?

Have you ever had to cleanup this mess? Terrible, I had to and I hated it.

Bernese Mountain puppy eating grass

Bernese Mountain puppy eating grass

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A Real Pro

This is taking a photo of Vancouver False Creek. So what makes him a ‘real pro’?

  1. Tripod
  2. Good camera, a Canon 6D
  3. The best lens for architecture: The Canon 24mm TSE. It’s a tilt/shift lens that allows for the building to be ‘straight’ and not fall over when the the camera is pointed up.

I wonder what he’s trying to adjust. The lens is set to 0, ie: no tilt and no shift. I have a whole sequence and in all of the images the lens is still in neutral position (no adjustment).

Canon 6D with 24mm TSE

Canon 6D with 24mm TSE

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Oops, Dropped the Ball: Vancouver, BC

She was busy running with the ball and returning it, then she saw me…

A quick look at me without turning much of her head and she dropped her ball. The she quickly picked it up and went back to work.

Dropping the ball after seeing me

Dropping the ball after seeing me taking her photo

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Where Are The Eyes? Vancouver, BC

Toby is a black Labradoodle, which is quite unusual. Black dog with deep black eyes, the light comes from above, and the eyes go ‘missing’.

Toby is supposed to the short for Tobias, but in this case it’s the short for Toblerone. It’s the chocolate that was created by Mr Tobler in Switzerland at the beginning of the 20th century.

Toby, a Black Labradoodle

Toby, a Black Labradoodle

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The Menacing Look: Vancouver, BC

Doesn’t she look like a menacing beast coming at me?

  1. I do not waver.
  2. I do not run or move.
  3. I stand my ground.

She was so nice and gentle when she got to me. But doesn’t she look fierce in this photo?

Menacing dog coming straight at the camera

Menacing dog coming straight at the camera

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